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Staging Your Home For Sell
Roland Hack

Welcome to my team of professionals. These are the people who I use to get your home to look its best so that you can make the most money on the sale! All of my team members are in perfect alignment with my objective to help you get the most return for your property. I am so confident about this, that I offer to pay for the painting, home staging, and the home inspection, right out of my own commission, when using my Special Value option! Please meet my team...

home stager - Realtor Cleans Your House
Protection and Heat Retention

NOAHS Superior Jet-Flushing technology uses a combination of science, technology and practical experience to isolate the CAUSE of leakage and flooding in basements. Then our trusted Jet-Flush Technicians isolate the individual issues in your house, assess whether or not you can benefit from Jet-Flush Technology and set up drainage vents on your existing weeping tile system, allowing for future service and better drainage overall.

NOAHS also specializes in Heatproofing. Before insulating your basement, make sure you prepare your concrete walls properly to achieve the best water protection and heat retention.

"I, Roland Hack, have personally used Noah's products and followed their specialist's instructions on how to apply them. I found the results to be excellent, and believe this is a must have for any basement that is to be professionally damp proofed and insulated."

Speak to Sterling Gould, and tell him that Roland sent you. 647-932-3635.

home stager - Realtor Cleans Your House
Mortgage Broker Store

Ontario Second Mortgages and Private Mortgage Lenders. As mortgage brokers we can help you get the mortgage or loan that you need. We can provide first and second mortgages, private mortgages, home equity loans, stop foreclosures and power of sales in Ontario and across Canada.

Volatile financial markets means that having access to more lenders makes more sense than ever before. We offer mortgage rates and products from over 40 different mortgage lenders. Our job is to match the right mortgage rate and a lender with your needs. Ronald Alphonso, License #: M11001286.

Mortgage Broker Store

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Rodney Anderson (Contractor & Project Co-ordinator)

Projects require a true dedication to achieve exceptional results on your home renovation or build. I bring to the table exceptional care and skill coupled with the ability to stay on budget. With 20 years of experience in construction, having WSIB and being Insured, makes me a true professional in this industry. My company, Urban Handyman Inc., works closely with Roland to give you the best quality in workmanship AND affordable results.

home stager - Realtor Cleans Your House
Jennifer Smeriglio (Home Stager)

Jennifer Smeriglio is an experienced Certified Staging Professional. Jennifer will offer you valuable advice on Staging, Space Planning and Colour Consultation, in order to help secure your return on investment. Staging by a professional is simple, stress free, and can be completed in as little as one day.

Jennifer's skill and attention to detail makes her an excellent member of Roland's team. Roland knows that staging your property is a powerful, and effective marketing tool that gets big returns for sellers.

painter & decorator - Realtor Paints Your House
Eva Folks (Painter & Decorator)

Being creative has always been an important part of my life. In the mid 90's, I started painting homes and murals for clients in the GTA.

Today, I combine creativity with expert ability to choose the right colours and finishes that work with any home. My professional painting skills allow for an efficient and clean job, while producing a beautiful home. Murals and custom hand painted scenes are one of my specialties.

While working on a project, I demonstrate to Roland's clients the importance of finishing the job on time with an outstanding quality finish that speaks for itself.

Painter - Realtor Paints Your House
James & Susan CanBrit (Painter)

We are a husband and wife team with over 25 years experience in interior and exterior decorating. Over the years we have worked on homes in the 1.5 million plus price range, right down to rental properties. We are quick and clean and we treat your home as if it was our own. As a further benefit to Roland's clients, we are insured for up to 2 million Dollars and have wsib which will put your mind at peace.

painter & co-ordinator - Realtor Paints Your House
Rayko Jovicich (Painter & Project Co-ordinator)

"By helping others, I help myself". That has always been my motto throughout life and continues to be. Hi my name is Rayko, I have been in this industry for well over 20 yrs and I have seen it all. Whatever the project, or wherever the property may be, I take pride in walking my clients through every step of their projects or properties, and inform them on what it is exactly that is needed and what isn't. At the end, our clients are much better educated in what exactly was accomplished.

We are a responsible-professional company and as such, we are fully insured, carry a 10 million dollar liability insurance, and have WSIB.

Itake pride in working with Roland and Roland's clients, and look forward to working with you.

contracotr - Staging Your Home For Sell
Noel Magre (Contractor)

For more than 11 years Noel has been in involved in all aspects of construction. Working with many builders and trades, Noel has in-depth knowledge of framing, plumbing, drywalling, painting, landscaping, plus much more.

Noel provides Roland's team with construction support to ensure that work is done right so that your home can show its best, and you the home owner can get the most money.

home inspector - Staging Your Home For Sell
Steve Pockett (Home Inspector)

Steve has worked with Roland for many years. Steve provides sound reports that focus on the main areas of your home. Buyers feel more comfortable when putting their money down on your home when they can view a home inspection report.

As a General Contractor and builder for over 20 years, Steve is able to adapt his experience and knowledge to the field of home inspections. This is very important for the Seller because many issues that frighten buyers can be fixed easily and cost effectively before the buyer ever sees them.

Steve's home inspection is in perfect alignment with Roland's goals to make your home stand out and appeal to buyers; the result is a higher sale price.