Since 1996, I have helped so many Sellers stage their home for sale, that I would have had tens of thousands of before-and-after photos if I took photos of all the staging that I've done! On this page, you'll find many of my favorite examples of before-and-after photos of staging that I've overseen for my Sellers. These before-and-after staging examples cover the many different types / levels of staging that can be used:
  • The simplest form of staging with zero cost - which is to just de-clutter and reposition your existing furniture to make rooms look bigger and more usable;
  • to the more involved updating of outdated: flooring, cabinets, paint, etc, which involves more time, money and expertise;
  • and the most familiar type of staging which involves hiring a stager and renting furniture to stage the home for sale.
  • Some photos show several staging techniques together - updating the floors and paint and then staging it with furniture.
  • If you really want to save money when staging your home for sale, make sure you download my in depth article on Home Staging which explains why it may not be necessary for you to spend lots of money on staging - saving thousands of dollars, yet still making lots of money on your home sale! I've had many years of training and courses and have received my ASP accreditation for staging, but my greatest skills lie in my daily experience as a real estate broker - this is what allows me to give you the best advice and gets you the most money in your pocket. Simply call me now to set up a fee consultation on your home.

Truth about home STAGING - a MUST read for all sellers!