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Most Effective Method of Cleaning Walls


The Most Effective Method to Clean Walls When Staging a Home to Sell!

As the years go by the walls of your home begin to demonstrate the marks, smudges, smears caused by day-by-day living, particularly with kids in the house.

Cleaning the walls helps when staging a home to sell. Cleaning the walls can be a difficult task, so to help cut back on the time needed, it is best to be ready.

Here are some helpful tips when home staging:

1.    Push the furniture to the middle of the room and set down old sheets or drop fabrics to get the drips.

2.    You will require two buckets one loaded with cleaning product and the other with clear water for rinsing, if required. Some cleaning items are made so you don’t require that step.

3.    Using gloves proves to be useful as they help to protect your hands.

4.    A step stool may be needed to achieve reaching the higher up areas unless you are utilizing a cleaning device with a long handle.

5.    When staging the home to sell the first thing required would be to eliminate any dust by orbiting the room with a lamb’s wool duster working from top to bottom. A decent option would be to utilize the duster connection and vacuum.

6.    When you begin to wash the walls it is best to begin from the lowest part to evade the long sloppy stains that can show up when working starting from the top. When utilizing a clean and rinse bucket, washing and rinsing a small area at a time works best.  Afterward remove any excess moisture with a clean white cloth. Don't rub to hard as you don’t want to remove any paint.

7.    When you begin cleaning a wall ensure you are able to finish it in one try so you can avoid any wash marks caused when stopping and starting half way through.  Along these lines you are utilizing the same quality of cleaning product as well.

By emulating these basic tips your walls will look new and shiny which helps when you are staging your home to sell.

Cleaning your walls can be a very economical solution especially if you don't have the funds or know how to paint.

·         Just keep in mind that you need to have washable paint.

·         The paint needs to be somewhat more recent. Older paint may have faded in patches due to the sunlight hitting it.

·         You don't have a lot of nail pops or cracks in your walls and ceilings.


Hiring someone to help you.

Not everyone has the time to get their house ready to sell, nor is everyone in great physical condition.


Consider hiring a cleaner for this work. It usually costs 15 to 25 dollars an hour. It won't be hard for you to find assistance for this work. Perhaps you can work with this cleaner and it will only cost you half, but your efficiency and completion time goes up three times!


Don't forget to wash those baseboards!

·         Baseboards add great definition to your home - don't forget to wash those and ensure no dirt is in the cracks and crevices.

·         If you notice that your baseboards have spaced between the baseboard and wall, consider a simple filling of that gap.

Look up at your lights. Do they need cleaning too?

·         Nothing says I'm dirty more than that wonderful bug collection in your light fixture.

·         Beatles, silver fish, flys, etc may have collected in your light fixture covers.

·         Take these down carefully and WASH them!

·         Make sure they are completely dry before replacing them.

·         A bug free home does wonders when you prepare your home for sale.

Washrooms - spend the time to sanitize these areas when staging your home to sell.

1.    Bleach is a cheap and effective cleaner. Just be careful and be smart when working with  any chemicals.

2.    Make sure that you really sanitize around the toilets and all drains.

3.    Some sellers will pour lots of bleach into the toilet and let it sit. Others pour it into the toilet tank so that the bleach goes right into the rim of the toilet when it is flushed, sanitizing it from within. Just keep in mind that the bleach may break down old and new rubber in the tank. This could lead to mechanical issues.

4.    If your toilet is really that filthy, perhaps consider getting a new toilet installed. Install runs about $150 plus the toilet at $150. May be worth the $300  upgrade to make your best buyer feel comfortable.

Get your family to help you!

If you are an owner of a 200 pound sloth that sits on the couch and plays video games while you work hard to prepare your home for sale, then put your sloth to work!

Get those teenagers to help. If you are proud that they contribute then you have done a great job at raising them, but so many fathers and mothers end up being suckers to a sloth.

EVERYONE in the home should be able to pull together to help get things done. If not, have a meeting with the family. Make them understand that this work results in more money for the family.

If you have to do it alone, then hire someone to help and then charge it to the sloth. If the sloth has no funds just take it out on their meals (no dinner for you) and entertainment (get rid of the TV or computer they use).

When staging a home to sell, do it well! Anything less simply won't do!