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Here Are 8 Economical Ways When Preparing House for Sale


De Clutter, De Clutter, De Clutter – Remove all personal photos, knickknacks and junk.  Getting rid of clutter creates space and that is what people are looking for, a home that looks bigger and well taken care of.

Take a Good Look at your furniture – If you have too much furniture then you may want to store the bigger, less attractive pieces so that the space looks more open and the rooms appear larger when home staging. 

Clean, clean, clean – then clean some more – I cannot stress this enough, you must clean it and clean it well.  It may be worth it to hire a professional cleaner to clean all the windows, get rid of cobwebs and scrub the grout in the floors.  It will pay off to get the carpets and furniture cleaned if needed.

Curb appeal counts – If your doormat, house numbers and mailbox are looking old and worn out, replace them.  A fresh coat of paint on the front door and garage doors goes a long way when you are you prepare your house for sale.

Revitalize your landscape - Clean up flower beds, add fresh mulch and plant flowers. Make sure bushes are trimmed and neat.

Freshen your house with paint – If it has been several years you may need to paint the entire house inside and out.  If you painted not too long ago then you may just need to do some touch-ups. Painting the trim may be all that you need to do.  It would be a good idea to paint over any bold colors with a neutral color. 

Clean or replace light fixtures and cabinet hardware – Replacing outdated light fixtures and cabinet door handles can really make a difference when you prepare a house for sale.

Replace old carpeting or refinish the hardwood floors - If you can afford to do it.  It would be a good idea to either clean or replace your carpeting and you should also refinish wood floors at the bare minimum.  If they are underneath the carpet and look great, just exposing them is good solution.