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I am very excited to be writing my blogs again and helping home sellers with helpful tips!


For the past few years, I have taken time from my blogs to work on several large scale real estate projects while still working with home sellers and the typical listing and selling of homes.

Since most of those large projects are now complete, I can once again spend time on something that is very helpful to home sellers – and that is: providing home sellers with excellent content and professional advice by way of my blogs.

Considering that it is early 2018, it may be most appropriate to start up my blogs with an article on understanding home staging. Not just room design and how to stage a house, but rather understanding home staging costs so that you, the home owner / home seller, can successfully follow your budget and not waste it on the wrong types of home staging!


2018 - The Dawn Of A TOUGHER MARKET!

It's appropriate to start my first blog with house staging because our markets are getting tougher to sell in.

If you are a home seller then you will be need to know that our real estate market is a tougher place to sell, and you ought to know what's happening in this market and how to get more money than your competition.

In the earlier half of 2017:  home prices spiked up to the highest on record.

Since that spike was realized a lot has happened to dampen buyers' ability to buy:

·         New government regulations on home Buyers – making it more difficult for buyers to get a home;

·         Tougher "stress test" for Buyers.

·         Interest rates have increased many times since 2017;

·         "B" lender interest rates are even higher than the federally regulated banks. Due to the tougher "stress test", Buyers are seeking more "B" lenders (lenders that are not federally regulated, including credit unions) as these Buyers may not qualify on the tougher "stress test". Thus those buyers will pay even higher interest rates which drops the buyer's top range for buying.

·         Consumer confidence has dropped and the public is more cautious on our economic outlook;

·         There are many other factors that have negatively impacted our markets in general, which in turn hurt our real estate market. One factor is the ongoing NAFTA talks which have started today (March 5th, 2018) in Montreal – but that is a discussion for another blog.

So, based on home sellers facing a tougher time selling their homes throughout Toronto and the Greater Toronto Areas (GTA), this is the best time to start talking about home staging in Toronto and the GTA so you can sell your home, successfully – because YOU WILL NEED TO STAGE!

Home Staging Makes All The Difference – But What House Staging Are You Using?

Home staging to me, is not what most home owners would consider to be staging your home. My definition of staging is a lot more in-depth.

My definition and usage of the word staging goes deep into all the aspects of the home! It's not just the layout of your furniture, staging and décor, or how much pot purée to use.

Personally, I consider all of the following to be staging:

·         Renovation which includes upgrading floors, kitchen cabinets, bathrooms, etc.;

·         Updating electrical;

·         Having your heating and ventilation systems cleaned and a report given;

·         Fixing and repairing electrical;

·         Giving a home a clean bill of health.

·         Plus many, many more areas of home improvement.


Stage For Both The Buyer AND Home Inspector!

I sometimes refer to this type of staging as "staging for the home inspector". Most Sellers staging their home for sale completely miss this and pay for it later. Home sellers should consider both types of staging:

1.       staging for home style for the buyers eyes;

2.       staging for the mechanicals, especially for the Home Inspector's eyes.

Buyers see: beauty, warm colours, style and elegance and fall in love. Unfortunately, the home inspector is blind to this and will see right through it.

So, stage for the Home Inspector! Have the Home Inspector see the neatly tucked in and secured electrical wires making it look safe, the clean and well maintained gas burner in the furnace, the new air filter in the furnace, proper ventilation in the attic, etc. After the Buyer, the Home Inspector is the second person you should appeal to.

Another question to ask yourself is: where to place my money when staging?

Should I:

A) paint the living room OR  repair/clean the furnace?

B) Should I invest in some more long necked staging giraffes, OR hire an electrician to remove the double tapped wires in the breaker panel????

If you asked those questions already, it shows that you are on the right track and understand more than the average home seller who is staging a home for sale. Whether or not you already realize this, you ought to get a realtor who knows and understands this type of staging. They can help you get the most out of your budget!

In our market today, and going forward, the best home sellers who stage homes for sale, will get the highest prices.

My knowledge of home staging and room design runs very deep. I'll be writing hundreds blogs to cover the hundreds of tips and scenarios that will help home owners dominate the real estate market - when they stage homes properly. So stay tuned for my updates.

In the mean time, I have written a very detailed article on the different types of staging – as mentioned above. This article will educate you – much more than what is typically found on the internet. Just follow the link below for you free report:

Truth about home STAGING - a MUST read for all sellers!

I also offer free home staging consultations for my Sellers.

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