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Getting It Done!


When it comes to moving forward with home staging and room design and preparing your home for sale in Toronto and the GTA, it is so important to be able to have someone come in and fulfill your home staging , room design, staging and decor requirements in a professional and affordable way.

I believe, it is this part – of not having the proper help of preparing your home for sale – that prevents most home sellers from getting  their house looking its best. The home sellers fail, simply because they cannot execute their plans. They can't coordinate the right people, at an affordable price, thus they stop and give up. The home goes on the market for sale, but the home never reaches its full potential.


I Separate The Home Staging Process Into Two Parts:

1.       Making a plan of exactly what needs to be done in the home, starting at the highest priority and going down the lowest priority. This does several things for the home seller when staging a home for sale, it allows:

a.       The most important and egregious fixes should be done first, so you don't run out of your budget for important fixes/updates. For example, if an electrical fix requires $200 more to get the job done, then perhaps the lowest priority item (a tall staging giraffe) will be omitted with no negative effect on the homestaging. The electrical fix, however, will mean the world to the home buyer and their Home Inspector!

2.       Get the work done. This means either you or someone else does the job. I find that many home owners stop here because they don't know who to call and are afraid to get ripped off or cheated by overpriced stagers & trades.

The second part is a real problem for many home sellers. Obviously, if you know how to do such things and you have the time, you can do it on your own and perhaps save a lot of money. On the other hand, if you’re making a lot more money at work and/or simply do not have the time nor interest in doing such work, then hire someone who can.


Then Hire Someone Who Can!?!!

Many home sellers respond with "I don't know anyone and I'm afraid I'll get ripped off"!  For most home sellers who are preparing their home for sale, finding the right people who are affordable is a huge obstacle. The homeowner does not want to get cheated – and it's really a one shot chance at getting it right the first time. Some contractors don’t want to come out for the smaller job and if they do, they charge a lot more than it's worth. This is a real problem if you are ON A TIGHT BUDGET!

It’s important to have the right people come out at the right price. I personally know contractors and stagers who have worked on my own investment properties, flips and my own home and Cottage. I’m willing to share these excellent and Fair Trades with my sellers.


Really Know The Scope And What Needs To Be Done!

Before getting any quote for any contractor, the home seller must know the scope and what needs to be done in your home when you do your room design, home staging, or mechanical updates for selling on the real estate market. This part is critical as it will become your map for your budget and your plan!


Consult For The Home Staging Process....

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