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Many Different Types Of Staging You Must Know About!


Throughout the real estate industry we hear of home staging. Most home sellers think that it's just about re-arranging your furniture, or baking cookies to entice buyers with poor eating habits.

These above examples of staging are the most basic and well know examples. In truth, to sell your house you’ll need to do more! 


Misguided Fool

Once I had this seller who's mother told me that "Sales agents will come to a home if free cookies are given out to them". Of course, the Realtors won’t bother to come out for the $20k in commission! The same misguided mind set is found in many home sellers who don’t realize that there’s a lot more to consider when a staging a home for sale.


First Question A Home Seller Must Ask Is....

For most home sellers who stage a home to sell, the first question you need to ask yourself is: what is my budget?

This is a big question. It will help you get the right fixes done first, before your funds are depleted, which allows you to get the greatest return on your staging investment!!!

Your budget will show you what you can really afford to do. Just make sure you spend your budget money in the most powerful areas of staging to get the greatest return for your staging dollar – meaning: use staging that will get the buyers most excited and wanting your home.

For some types of Home sellers, the budget is secondary to the pain of preparing your home for sale. Some sellers would rather tell the realtor to list the home for a lower price, so that the home seller can avoid renovations or staging.


How Much To Stage A Home?

This is a great question that works well with understanding your budget. Usually it can cost $1,500 to $2,000 for home staging services on a smaller home. Then the seller will need to pay the rental fee each month that the furniture sits in the home – which can, on its own, cost thousands of dollars each month.

Another option, is for sellers to buy at discount stores, their own furniture and then sell it after it has served its purpose as your staging furniture.


Two Choices For Sellers When Deciding To Stage Or Not:

1.       Lower your list price, rather than do improvements;

2.       Increase your list price,  BUT do improvements to justify that higher price – in the hope that you will "wow" the buyer and make a lot more money than the staging cost!

Many home sellers will abandon the home staging, for the easy way out – great if you can afford to do this, but there can be a lot of money never realized!


Types Of Staging

I have written an in-depth report on the types of staging that a home seller can do, when staging their home for sale.

Order my free staging report below to read it in detail. As a brief summary:

There two types of staging:

1.       Doing improvements that really matter: electrical, heating & cooling, ensuring the home is safe, and the list goes on;

2.       Typical staging to make the home look pretty. This involves room design, home style, staging and decor.

These two types of staging are explained in depth in my special home staging report. But just at a glance, sellers who are doing house staging must consider very carefully which option gives them the greatest return in the eyes of the buyer.


Know What Type Of Staging You Need!

Every home seller's situation and home is different and home owners are selling and staging for many different reasons.

When it comes to staging your home for sale, you would be best to take expert advice and staging tips from a Realtor who  knows what your options are and where to place your money.

There’s a free staging report that I offer,  so that you can understand better the areas were you really ought to put your money in regards to Home Improvement Staging, rather than just spending it on the typical staging and an expensive professional Stager.

Truth about home STAGING - a MUST read for all sellers!

I also offer free home staging consultations for my Sellers.

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