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How To Stage Your Home – With Door Knobs!


A home that I had listed for sale needed to be staged in a way that made the house look better, without hiring a home stager to do room design and then to rent out that furniture.

One burning question was "want to do with the door knobs"? This sounds like a silly question because most people would say "go to The Big Box store buy some and put them on to the door". This is not the typical room design staging question – but it is an important staging technique to consider.

The problem is that many homes in the Toronto area including Leslieville, have a lot of character. The door knobs are sometimes 80 to 100+ years old. The doors themselves have a lot of character and are solid wood. Putting in the modern door knob requires that the door be drilled out. This costs time and money, and unfortunately,  the end result may not match the door knob to the rest of the character of the doors and trim in the house, thus looking amateurish and unprofessional.

My suggestion to my client was very simple, paint the door knob and door knob plate. Paint over the door knob's rectangular backplate, after removing the door knob which would be sprayed separately. This really was the simplest solution. It was easier and faster to paint over the rectangular backplate of the doorknob, than to remove it as the back plate had decades of paint lathered over it – fusing it to the door. Removal of this plate would have caused damage to the plate and to the paint on the door. The end result – for what was done was a cheap and cheerful fix.

By staging this home in this way, the home seller can capitalize on the imperfect character of the home. This imperfect character is status quo in areas like Leslieville and can look wonderful as long as it looks clean, the paint colors are warm and cheerful, and it makes the buyer feel comfortable. This can be applied to staging bedrooms, staging livingrooms, and all other parts of the home.

This type of home staging may seem overly simple, but if the home seller who is staging their home to sell hires a contractor to come out and beautify their home, the seller may find the contractor suggesting new doors, new hinges and new door knobs. This would be a shifty way for the contractor to make a lot more money on this job – and most likely – give you zero return for what you invested. Keep in mind that new doors, hinges and run of the mill door knobs may not work well with the original floors or trims in the rest of the house.

There are some great examples of home staging before and after photos of door knobs on my website page , under the page "staging".

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