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5 Staging Home to Sell Tips


So you are putting your house on the market.  If you want your house to look like it's worth every penny of your asking price then you have some work. Specifically, you need to stage your home for sell.

You need to put your home’s best foot forward, and then some.  Here are a few tried but true staging a home to sell tips:

1.      Present the space – it is time to depersonalize your home so the potential purchaser can see themselves in your rooms.  You will need to remove all the family pictures and knickknacks that you love.  If you have a bolder colour in one or more rooms it is advised to paint with a more neutral shade.


2.     Fix-it time – Make sure everything in the house is in top condition.  No torn screens, scratches on the walls or burnt out lights.  You have probably been putting up with minor repairs but now is the time to take care of them.  Take a critical eye to your home and repair anything that needs to be done.


3.     Light-it-up – One low-cost, high return investment when staging your home to sell is to update your current light fixtures.  Most homes don’t have enough light.  Adding more lighting with overhead fixtures or some great lamps will help to brighten up your home.


4.     Furniture Staging – Be conscious of the size of your rooms and the furniture you have in them.  You may have the furniture arranged so it is functional for your family, but it may make the room look small.  Aim for small groupings of furniture, one large piece with plenty of space around it will help with the appearance of a larger space.


5.     Clean Your Kitchen – Time to deep clean your kitchen and make the counter clutter-free.  Store your small appliances in the cupboards.  There should be the bare minimum on the counters.  If your kitchen doesn’t have a backsplash this is a low cost way to spruce up your kitchen.  You may want to update your cupboards by updating with more modern hardware.

Staging the home to sell can be easy and inexpensive.  You need to pay attention to the small details. The purpose is to let your house show its true potential and with the right home staging it is sure to impress potential buyers.




OK, Let's be realistic.

Some exceptions when staging your house to sell, in the real world:

The ideal way to sell your home may not be that ideal. Realistically speaking, home sellers must deal with everyday life situations on an ongoing basis. It is sometimes not possible to stage your home ideally.

·         feeding your children supper.

·         preparing kids meals for school.

·         homework and time spent with children.

·         running the house, shopping for food.

·         dealing with colds and flues with your kids.

·         family issues.

·         having pets like cats and dogs running around the house.

·         Having personal photos on the walls of your family - which you love and make your home a home to you.

·         having to work

·         taking care of your entire family

·         you are so tired and exhausted at the end of the day it actually hurts.

The list goes on. The point is that a house hold like this is BUSY!!  You are BUSY. It is hard to pack up your items when they are needed every day.

This is where you just need to do what is possible without burning out trying to stage your home to sell.

Some tips to help you out...

·         Keep your personal photos on the walls if they are up to date frames (not from the 80's). Rearrange your photos on the walls to help make the walls and room look larger. A collage is a perfect way to do this.

·         DON'T get rid of your pets as they are part of your family. Rather, ensure that everyone in your house helps keep the litter box clean EVERY DAY! Makes sure that the yard is free of dog droppings. Ensure there are no animal smells in the house (good luck) or at least minimize those smells.

·         Keep your food recycling clear everyday to avoid odors.

·         Hire a house keeper to come in once a week. THIS REALLY IS A BIG HELP! It is also affordable at about 120 dollars a day, once a week until your house sells. If you priced it right,  your home should sell fast. You may only need a house keeper 3 or four times.

·         Buyers understand that you have a family (they most likely do too) just make things look manageable.

·         Wash out your fridge and make it look organized inside. You may have two weeks worth of food in your fridge, but make it look organized and clean.

Staging your home to sell is possible even when you are overloaded. It's so worth the trouble and it will be financially rewarding. Don't be overwhelmed, and do what you can. Every bit of staging your home will help you greatly.