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Affordable Home Staging Tips When Staging House for Sale!


The first part of this describes typical ways to get your home in order... the second part digs deeper into more advanced ways to stage your house to sell.


If you are wanting to avoid having your house sit on the market for a longer time than hoped then staging your house for sale will help to avoid that problem.  Here are some simple yet affordable ways:

·        Remove clutter and depersonalize.  Your first goal is to allow the buyer to imagine themselves living in your home so you must declutter and pack away your personal pictures, books, knickknack, things that scream you live there.


·        Paint using neutral colors.  More neutral, subtle colors will help buyers when considering putting in an offer.


·        Leave the lights on.  You want your house to appear bright not drab and dreary.  Adding floor lamps to rooms that don’t have enough light will help to brighten things up when you are staging a house for sale.


·        Set the table.  If you have a nice dining area, it is often suggested that you set the table as if you are having a dinner party, helps to showcase the space better.


·        Furniture placement.  It is best to keep the furniture proportional to the size of the room.  Try not to overcrowd the room.  You may have to store some pieces of furniture when you are staging the house for sale.


·        Bathroom spa feel.  It is suggested that you purchase white towels, shower curtain and rugs when preparing to sell a home.  Helps to promote a spa-like feeling and doesn’t cost much.


·        Organize & clean closets.  Time to deep clean your closets.  Throw, donate and/or pack away everything that is not needed.


·        Clean and clear off countertops.  Everything but the bare necessities should be cleared and stored away.  Bathrooms and kitchens are top on the buyers list so they need to look clean and open and a must when staging your house for sale.


If you want to go beyond typical staging of your home, then look at the following things you may want to do. Keep in mind that some of these items will require expertise.

·        Upgrade your light switches and receptacles to modern day styles. The home owner can do this but keep in mind that Ontario electrical codes should be followed - that includes getting a permit for those receptacles if you the home owner does it. If you hire an electrician, then no permit is needed.

·        Upgrade your door knobs if they are dated or tired. Replacing old door knobs with decent door knobs will usually require anywhere from 15 to 22 door knobs. This will run you between $250 to $500 for just the door knobs. This upgrade really does make a difference in your home. Just keep in mind that the door strikes should also be replaced.

·        Update your door casings, doors and baseboards if you have nice floors. If you have ugly floors then it may not be worth it, unless you update your floors. For a 2 storey home about 1400 square feet, casings, doors, door hinges (or pre-hung doors), primer and paint, and baseboards (not the garbage trims that are cheap looking) will cost you about $2,700. Add in labour at around $3,000 and you should have a nice looking home. These values will move around but it is a ball park to give you an idea. But, it may make all the difference. If you spend $6,000 here, you may get $12,000 back because it looks so updated.

·        Perhaps you just need a few new doors. In your office, install a French door. Actually, install French doors where ever privacy is not an issue. These doors make such a difference in a home that it can't be overstated.

·        Old and cheap looking stucco on your ceilings should be re-sprayed or taken down.  Look at your ceilings at different times of the day. Depending on how the sun is and how the light comes in, that light may reveal hideous defects in your home. Many people complain about dated stucco ceilings. A well done stucco ceiling adds warmth, increases sound comfort by breaking up sound waves and making the room acoustically softer, hides defects in the drywall and uneven joists, and allows for a soft brightness for your lighting. Consider having your existing ceiling sprayed. If not, you can drywall over the existing stucco once it is scrapped off. Either way, it will be messy and a lot of preparation is needed.

The above tips are above and beyond regular do-it-yourself staging. However, they are powerful enhancements to your home. If you are not sure what to do, call an expert real estate agent who is involved in staging homes to sell.