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Consider Your Target Buyer When Staging Home to Sell?


Staging a home to sell is normally done to make the home more appealing to a potential purchaser.  The goal is to get a quicker and higher-dollar sale for you the home owner.

The best way to stage a home for sale is to be very focused on who the most likely buyer will be. 

You should get a clear mental image of who your target buyer is, here are some suggestions:

1.      Consider your type of neighborhood. 

a.      Is it younger families moving in,

b.      Is it more retired couples,

c.       Single people,

d.      Newly married couples,

e.      A particular group of people in your specific area.


2.      Consider the type of property you are home staging:

a.      Close to schools; public transit; major highways.

b.      Size and number of bedrooms and bathrooms.

c.       Size of the lot and square footage of the home.

d.      Finished basement or an income-producing property.

e.      Close to grocery stores, restaurants, parks, playgrounds.

f.        Type of street, busy or a quiet court.

g.      Size of the yard, how much grass for the kids, dogs.

Once you have a clearer picture of the type of home buyer for your home you can then better decide the most appropriate way to stage when staging your home to sell.

Also consider the economic abilities of the buyers.

1.       Consider what area of the city you are in. There are many neighborhoods in Toronto with unique characteristics. Selling your home in Toronto near the Theatre district will pull in a different client than selling in Willowdale or High Park.

2.      Is your area in an arts district, or is the area known for the best schools in Ontario?

The above questions should help you fine tune your home staging to better appeal to the buyer. You won't know exactly who will buy, but it will increase your odds of appealing to those buyers most suited for your home.

Price is obviously a factor. If your buyers are professionals earning $150k a year, you will most likely have to stage your home with better quality furniture and bling. If you are selling to non professionals (white collar vs blue collar) then tastes and styles will most likely need to be adjusted. This staging will cost you more or less depending on your target market.

Even if your home is in Burlington,  Hamilton or Stoney Creek, you may still want to stage your home to sell to the Toronto market. A lot of money is coming from Toronto to the west of the city.

Consider the following staging for the Toronto market:

Easily maintained property. More walkways, less grass. Trimmed trees. Many Torontonians have smaller more manageable properties and may not want to start mowing 50 foot front lots. Someone who sold their home in the Beaches on a 20 foot lot, may be overwhelmed by owning a 50 foot overgrown lot. So, ensure that your property looks manageable and easy to maintain.


You can even stage your home to appeal to single parents. With so many divorces each year, there are many matrimonial homes sold. With those proceeds many divorcees need to buy a property for their children and themselves. You could even fine tune this to appeal to single mothers.

Most divorcees only need a small townhouse to live comfortably, and it's both more affordable and manageable. If you are selling in a townhouse complex, you should consider staging to a single parent, and if you have the skill and "woman's touch", dress the home up to appeal to that group of people.

How to stage for single parents?

1.      SAFE HOME: Every parent expects a safe home. That means secure railings, no trip hazards on the stairs, updated electrical panels, etc. This is considered a higher level of staging your home as it includes expertise in these areas.

2.     WELL MAINTAINED HOME: Since single parents work over time with taking care of the children and having one or two jobs on top.  Such a buyer wants to move in knowing that they won't need to spend their own time fixing things or dealing with floors that are falling apart, taps profusely leaking, or any other issues that would pose a challenge for a buyer who may have no ability or funds to remedy these issues.



·         Staging the home to sell must excite and leave potential buys with something to remember after their long day of home hunting.

·         A buyer typically sees about 5 to 7 homes in one session of viewing. This is very tiresome. When the buyer gets home they need to feel that your home is the best.

·         If they remember your home they may forget about the other  homes and place an offer on yours.

Staging your home to sell will be successful if you do it wisely. If it is too overwhelming for you, get expert advice from a real estate agent who knows staging and how to prepare your home for sale. Then you will enjoy the rewards that staging can give you.