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Staging Home to Sell With Storage containers


Home staging can mean the difference between selling your home fast and keeping it on the market for months. No matter the real estate market, staging a home to sell is a wise move to get the best return on your investment when selling your home.

There are many companies that rent storage containers. Two popular companies are Cubeit and PODS which service Ontario. They do vary in price and services but generally speaking, you should expect to pay $350 to $500 per month on such a rental.

Other companies are out there, you just need to start doing research. Make sure to select a reputable company. You don't want your container being left outside in some field getting damp and ruined.

You should consider indoor storage in a climate controlled environment, if you want to protect your items.

These Moving containers offer a flexible solution when staging your home to sell.  Benefits are:

·         Store all your belongings you need to remove from the home as you begin the home staging process, and enjoy your new found space! Your buyers will.

·         As an added benefit, your container will be pre-packed and ready to move when you are.

·         Convenient.

·         No truck rentals. YUK! Trying to return the cube van and then filling it up with diesel at 11:00 at night because the transfer of items to unload took 3 times as long as you expected!! Much easier to load a container and have a pro pick it up and take it away. Let them sit in the traffic, not you.

·         Take your time and fill up the container, then the company picks it up while you spend your time staging your home to sell.

·         You can go to the storage facility and get what items you need at any time.

Differences in companies that offer storage containers:

·         Indoors or outdoors. Some companies only store these large storage containers outside. It's a bit cheaper but if it's humid, freezing or very hot, you may experience damaged furniture, paintings, etc.

·         Some companies will be able take your containers out of storage for you, so that you can retrieve one or two items while it's being stored.

·         Some companies charge more upfront than others. However, some charge more for monthly storage. At the end of the rental all of these charges will most likely balance out. So, it may not matter how they charge as you will pay a similar price.


Here are 5 tips when staging the home to sell:

1.      Focus on the kitchen and bathrooms. These rooms go a long way to help you get top resale value for your home. Prospective purchasers will give careful consideration to them when deciding if your house is the one. Since you have your storage container, pack all of those items in your kitchen that you don't plan to use! Spacious cupboard space is important to buyers.


2.      Consider the ideal use for the additional rooms in your home. Your sewing room or home gym may not work for another family. Make the additional rooms in your home more practical, like a home office or extra bedroom.  This will help prospective purchasers better envision themselves in your home. A moving container is great for that home gym that you do not use. If you are not planning on using that sewing machine, pack it up with the gym!


3.      Help prospective purchasers envision themselves in your home by following some simple organizing tips:

a.      Declutter

b.      Clean

c.       Remove personal items

d.      Pack up your moving container with anything that you do not really need in the house. Do not use your unfinished basement as storage, nor the garage. Use your moving container!!


4.      Don't overlook the exterior of your home. Staging your home to sell is not just about the inside.  Making your home appealing from the outside gives potential purchasers their first impression of your home.


5.      Create an inviting entryway to your home. You may need to get a new welcome mat and clean the front door, windows and do some landscaping.  If you have large furniture in your entrance, pack it away in the storage container.

These basic steps to prepare your house for sale will make the home feel inviting and welcoming.

BIG TIP.......

Please do not just pack up all your stuff and regurgitate it your new home, only then to decide what you don't want or need. DO THAT NOW! Take a day or two and really go through everything.

It will only save you money and time to start donating furniture to the Good Will store or Salvation Army. Why waste time packing it up and then spend money storing something that you know will really don't want or need or never will use. Remember, if you pack it, you will also end up unpacking at the end. Save your time and money and start sorting before you start storing.

When you stage your home to sell, and you start your purge of items, consider hiring someone to help you decide on what you ought to get rid of. These experts will help you separate your emotional connection with items so you can part with them in a logical and intelligent way.

Staging a home to sell will get you more money, even if you need to spend a few thousand on the storage of some of your items.