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Use the Right Rug When Staging Home to Sell!


If you are wanting to use an area rug when staging a home to sell, knowing what rug to use that fits your living quarters can be difficult.  You should keep in mind that by using a rug that contains the colors in the room , it will make the room seem warm, inviting and will help to define the room.

5 Area Rug Tips WhenStaging Your Home to Sell:

1.       The larger the area rug the more spacious the room will seem, therefore, bigger may be better.  If you would like to show off more of your floor then choose a smaller size rug.  Don’t go too tiny as this will create a choppy look and will make the room appear smaller.


2.      An area rug should be used to anchor the room, so arrange your furniture in the room first then the area rug.  Ensure that the long side of the rug follows the length of your couch or love seat.  It is okay to have the front legs of the couches on the rug.


3.      When staging the home to sell situate rugs under groups of furnishings.  A small rug in the middle of a larger living area is not a good idea.  A runner on a long hallway would work well though.


4.      Area rugs will warm up areas in the home that have tile, ceramic, light or dark wood floors.  The goal is to add some contrast with just enough pop to grab a prospective purchaser’s eye.  Using lighter colored rugs on darker floors will help to make the room appear spacious.


5.      Area rugs help to visually separate a large living area.  Purchasers need to get a vision of how to use an open space.  If you have a combined living, dining room floorplan it is suggested that an area rug be used in the living area rather than the dining room.  Otherwise the open area will end up looking like a furniture store if you don’t use one at all.

When staging your home using area rugs, it will help to define the rooms of your home and will add warmth and charm.  Just what the buyers want.

Other tips when dealing with rugs and runner. Another great option is the runner on the stairs and or hallway.

·         A decent runner when installed by a professional will usually set you back about one thousand dollars for about 13 steps.

·         Runners on the stairs add a safety factor. Think of the small children on a solid wood staircase that has no landing. Going down an entire storey of steps can be intimidating. This includes pets too. Buyers will think of this. A runner does add more grip on the stairs along with the obvious softness factor.

·         To use or not use an under layer on the stairs? Under layer is important as it adds the softness solid footing that everyone likes under their feet on stairs.

The quality of the rug is important.

1.      Obviously, if you are on a budget or live in a cheaper neighborhood, do not buy a $20,000 persian rug or runner.

2.      There are many places that sell good quality rugs and runners.

3.      If quality is important to you yet you have a budget, consider other countries to by from. Belgium makes very nice rugs with a million thread count per meter. This is a very dense and longer lasting runner.

4.      Also consider using a commercial grade under layer which is just as cushy as the residential under layer, but just not as thick or bubble looking. The commercial grade under layer looks more elegant and streamlined. 

You may not care that you are leaving this runner behind for the buyer, but all of your choices of quality will reflect back into how you staged your home for sale.


·        Check around the many areas of Toronto, Oakville or Burlington, etc., to locate some of the best buys coupled with quality. This also includes the cost of the install.

·         Watch out for stores that charge less for the runner, yet over charge for the labour of installing it.

·         Know the prices and what your install will cost. How? Just start calling places and tell them how many steps you have on your staircase, and if you want an under layer. They ought to give a ball park figure for you.

Rugs and runners are a necessary consideration when preparing your home to list. Don't miss out on this part of staging your home to sell otherwise it may cost you thousands in lost profits.