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Spruce Up Your Landscaping!


Staging your House for Sale? Make a point to Spruce Up Your Landscaping!

When staging a house for sale, it is paramount that what potential purchasers see on the outside is generally as critical as what they see on the inside and that incorporates landscaping.

Landscaping can be everything from simple placement of flowers in plastic pots to high strength retaining walls. The costs can be several hundred dollars to over a hundred thousand. No matter what the price tag, it should be looked at as staging a house for sale - because that is exactly what you are doing!

Initial introductions are essential and when you plan to sell your house you have to consider what the outside is showing and a large portion of that is landscaping. On the off chance that purchasers dislike the outside of your home they may choose not to go inside for that reason.

Here are a few things to consider with your landscaping when staging your house for sale:

1.    When you first start thinking about putting your house up for sale then you ought to be chipping away at what needs to get done before you put your home on the market. The primary spot to begin is cleaning up the yard, eliminate dead branches, weeds, trim hedges and fix anything that is broken.


2.    When staging your house you need to make your home look great, so have flowers close to the front entryway, verify the garden is cut and in great condition.


3.    As for the backyard, purchasers like an agreeable spot to hang out, so verify your deck and yard are clean and overall kept up. With respect to the furniture it needs to be in great condition. There are economical approaches to dressing things up when staging a house for sale.


4.    Consider purchasing or leasing a power washer to clean surfaces. The exertion takes little time and the effort serves to making filthy, smudged surfaces look fresh and new once more. Power washers do a great job of cleaning walls, and also brick and vinyl siding.

Don't get too carried away when staging the house for sale. Don't squander cash purchasing all full-grown plants. Use your money where it is required. Use your money wisely and it will go a long way.

But I'm on a budget! Who isn't?

OK, you are on a tight budget. That is perfect for landscaping because a lot of landscaping can be done by the home owner and you don't necessarily need to be a specialist when staging your home to sell.


These are simplest & highest impact clean ups that you can do yourself:

1.    Pull out the weeds between your patio stones (front entrance and back yard). If this is a herculean task because you neglected it for decades, it may be better to buy a spray that will kill that growth.

2.    With a shovel, trim the dirt around your garden and patio: this will give it a fresh and manicured look.

3.    Rake up dead branches.

4.    Spray or pick out those weeds.

5.    Water and water and water your lawn.

6.    Pull out those plants that look ugly. Too many home owners looking to sell their home have so much vegetation in their garden that it looks over grown and messy.

7.    Do a garden purge. Most home buyers do not want to inherit your out of control garden. Many times less is more: allow your garden to convey that feeling of control, that manicured look - buyers LOVE that.

Here are some other important questions when you stage your home to sell:

When staging outside of the house, where should I put the money first? Do I put my cash into real fixes, or do I just to make my landscape look pretty?

This is really a balancing act. You don't want to spend more than you need to in order to get a return on the sale of your home.

Some suggestions:

·         Making your home look pretty may seem cheaper and easier than fixing issues for the home sale, however, keep in mind that a home inspection will occur. The home inspector will find those issues and then you will have to deal with it by lowering your selling price or doing the work, or losing that buyer you had.

·         Look first at any egregious safety issues such as loose or rotten deck boards, unsafe outdoor  electrical receptacles, loose patio stones or broken concrete steps.

·         Check to ensure your retaining walls are secure and if are leaning or crubling or rotting, get three free expert quotes so that WHEN the buyer asks the repair costs, you will have real answers. The cost may not be so menacing.

·         Paint rusted fence posts and even outdoor rusted gas pipes.


Never forget that the outdoors deserve staging  too, not just the inside of your home. Staging to sell your home will give you excellent returns so don't be afraid to try it.