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Tips for Cleaning a Ceiling Fan When You Are Staging House for Sale!


It is very important to remember to clean your ceiling fan when you begin staging a house for sale. Fans are the same as any other home appliance and it is imperative to consistently clean ceiling fans. Cleaning fans appropriately assists with their life span.

There are various ways to properly clean the blades of ceiling fans when you are staging a house for sale:

·         One way would be vacuuming the dust that has amassed on the blades of the fan. Simply utilize the vacuum's brush connection and clean the top and base of each blade. On the off chance that the blades have a thicker layer of dust those microfiber materials function admirably and additionally the Swiffer dust fabrics.


·         In the event that the blades have gotten extremely dirty and they could utilize a more careful cleaning it may be a best to remove the blades by carefully removing the screws. Keep in mind to observe which side is the top and which is the bottom so you can place them back on the fan properly.

Whatever technique you utilize, verify you are delicately cleaning every blade being mindful so as not to damage the blades in any way.

Guaranteeing that the ceiling fans are looking as good as new will help when you are going through the steps of staging the house for sale.