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Do’s and Don’ts of Staging Home to Sell.


When putting your house on the market you must invest the time needed for cleaning, organizing and minor repairs that you may have been putting off.  Here are some do’s and don’ts when you are staging the home to sell.

·         Don’t choose bright white and bold wall colors when re-painting, it is best to use more neutral colors when home staging.

·         Don’t leave the walls full of holes and damaged spots and painting over them won’t do the trick either.  Before painting it is best to fix every spot in the wall and do the job right.

·         Don’t leave those minor repairs that you have lived with unfixed.  And be prepared that something that you thought was minor may end up to be more than expected.


·         Do de-clutter every room in the house, which means if you must pack things up then do so.  The goal is to make each room appear larger and that means a minimal amount of furniture in each room.

·         Do make your home less personalized, meaning remove all pictures and items that scream this is my house.  When staging a home you need to allow potential buyers to see the house as theirs, not yours.

·         Do deep clean everything from handrails to baseboards.  This might take some work if you have been living in your house for some time andcertain areas may have been neglected.

·         Do be prepared that all of this staging yourhome to sell will take more time than you think.  Once you start to go through every room you will soon realize you have way more stuff than you think.

·         Do realize that when you finally get your house show ready that it now has to stay that way.  The house must look ready to show every day until it sells.  Not an easy undertaking especially with children.