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how and where to start staging


Where to start when Staging your House for Sale!

It is important to focus on each room of the house when you are staging your house for sale.  However, if you are on a tight budget, it would be best to focus on the areas that will make the biggest difference in getting the selling price you want.


·         Getting your house ready to sell needs to be your top priority!

·         Since first impressions have a huge impact on potential buyers, the exterior and entryway are a good place to start. 

·         Then focus on what it is you can do to update the kitchen and bathrooms.

·         Then move from there to what you can afford and have time for. 

The following can and should be done in as many rooms of the house as you can as part of staging a house.


·         Your goal should be to make everything look new when staging your house for sale. 

·         A lot of first time buyers what to see new appliances in a home but if that is not feasible then make sure your appliances are spotless and looking like they are new. 

·         That goes for the bathrooms as well.  Make sure the bathrooms sparkle from top to bottom.

·         A staged home should have a new bathmat, no some old dirty tired rag.

·         Put up new plastic curtains or clean all crevices of your shower glass and its supports.

·         If you need help or time or simply HATE cleaning,  hire a professional cleaning company to do that for you. The cost is really negligible in the scheme of things.

·         Cleaning would cost about 200 to 400 dollars.

·         Keep in mind that in order to prepare your house for sale, the buyer's viewpoint of cleanliness must always be kept in mind.



·         When staging your house to sell you must get rid of “stuff”. 

·         Your things may have sentimental value to you but that is not what a potential buyer wants to see. 

·         Home buyers do NOT want to see the great features of your "stuff", they want to see that there is enough room for them and that includes closet space too. 

·         Don’t toss everything in the closet either because wise home buyers will inspect your closet!



A fresh coat of paint goes a long way in brightening up a staged house.

1.       If it has been several years then painting every room is suggested, otherwise make sure you do any necessary touchups that are noticeable.

2.      There are lots of inexpensive painters out there who can quickly paint.

3.      Use colours that are neutral. Do not try to be a designer; it may back fire on you. Simpler is better in this case.

4.      Painting itself is the easy part. The difficult and time consuming part is the preparation. You are not looking for a perfect job as that costs a lot more in money and time.

5.      Consider hiring someone to prepare the walls, fill the cracks, remove wall paper. Someone to prep the walls and ceiling for the paint. Then you may choose to just do the painting so that you save on that labor - provided you have the time to do the painting.



Fix anything that needs fixing and ensure everything is working properly and is in good condition when home staging.


That may be easier said than done. Many home owners are decades behind in touch ups and repairs. It may cost you hundreds or tens of thousands of dollars.


1.       Look at the safety issues first. This will be the buyers biggest concern, and the home inspector will find these safety issues for sure.

2.      Then, take a look at maintenance issues. The simple ones are leaking faucets, doors not closing or locking properly, old caulking around the tub, etc.

3.      Bigger ticket items are more involved. If you have an old rotten retaining wall and it needs repair or replacement, do you fix it? What if the repair costs you $15,000? That is something you ought to discuss with your real estate agent as you may be able to convince the buyer that you already reduced your selling price to cover it. If you are selling your home in a hot market, perhaps the buyer will deal with that issue on their own.


Get professional advice!

·         If you are not sure what to do, just call up a stager or real estate agent who deals heavily in staging and renovations for the sole purpose of making more money for the seller.

·         The expert will give you the information you need to understand the gravity of your situation.

·         To stage a home for a quick sale does require expert advice. If you try it on your own, it may not be a quick sale nor the highest sold price!


Once you understand the depth and required staging and fixes, only then can you start to stage your house for sale.