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Most Effective way to Blinds and Curtains


The Most Effective Way to Clean Blinds and Curtains When You Prepare a House for Sale!

Don’t forget about your blinds when you prepare your house for sale.  There are 3 essential sorts of blinds – plastic vertical/horizontal, wooden and fabric.

1.    Use the brush connection to vacuum the blinds and run the vacuum horizontally across the slats, never vertically.

2.    When selecting a duster a lamb’s fleece duster is a greatly improved decision than a plastic duster. Again dust horizontally and begin at the top.

3.    With vertical blinds and whether dusting or vacuuming verify you work vertically just to guarantee the slats don't get unhooked.

4.    Another extraordinary device for cleaning blinds when you prepare your house for sale is by utilizing a dry sponge. They function admirably to get rid of dust and residue from vinyl and fabric blinds.

5.    If you require any spot cleaning of your blinds, spray an all-purpose cleaner on a clean cloth wipe the blinds. Don't use the cleaner right on the blinds.

6.    There is the option of taking your fabric blinds to the dry cleaner on the off chance that they are extremely dirty.

7.    Your wooden blinds, you can get them wet however do whatever it takes not to douse them when cleaning.

Utilizing these tips when you prepare the house for sale will help to make your blinds fresh and new again and is part of the process to ensuring your home shows well.


Things to consider with those blinds...

1)    Is it worth keeping those blinds in the first place?

a)    Some blinds have had kids and cats and dogs crawl up them. You know, those horizontal metal blinds that are bent and mangled. Sounds funny that someone would keep garbage like that, but it happens.

2)    At the point when you decide it's not worth to clean the old and tired blinds, you need to consider if you ought to put new ones back up.

3)    Many times it is about letting light in and showing off your nice windows (if you have those).

4)    To prepare a house for sale you MUST consider the possibility that your home will look better without window coverings.

5)    Here are some considerations for NO BLINDS:

a)    New windows installed. Show off those new windows! Show the buyer your thousand dollar upgrade. Don't hide it behind blinds.

b)    Let the light pour in! Buyers want to see a bright house. Let them be the ones to put up those cheap and dark blinds.

c)    You want to show off that park you back on, the green space, your $150,000 landscaped backyard with pool.

6)    If you are going to put up blinds then:

a)    Don't put up cheap garbage blinds - they look cheap!

b)    Put up the blinds properly. Make sure that WHEN the buyer pulls the blinds to lift them, that it doesn't pull out of the wall - it does happen.

c)    Don't overdo it either. Be careful if you are planning to pay 3 or 4 thousand dollars for California shutters. They really do darken the house and some buyers may not even want them.

If you are a curtain person then...

·         Take down those curtains and wash them at home or dry clean them.

·         Ensure that you can wash them in your washer - many sellers have washed their curtains only to find that the curtains have shrunk several inches and are ruined.

·         Perhaps those curtains are so tired it's time to retire them.

·         Does the room look better & brighter without those curtains?

·         Do your curtains have designs from the seventies or sixties? Perhaps it's time to upgrade those curtains? Remember that you are staging your home for sale, so use this opportunity to get the most out of your time when staging the home.

·         Keep in mind that if you take away the curtains, usually it is wise to throw out those ugly curtain rods too. Then you will need to fill in those holes and paint those patches that held the rods.

Be wise when you prepare your house for sale. Your planning and time will go a long, long, way.