we are not only staging you house but also pays to prepare house for sale and we are low commission realor


High pressure injection - is this part of staging home to sell?


High pressure injection - is this part of staging home to sell?


YES, it is!


If you are not sure about this, then read on and see why this is staging at a whole new level.


More than just flowers and potpourri  - high pressure injection into cracks in your basement really will help you prepare house for sale and get your basement staged to sell.


So many times I have seen the basement forgotten. A nicely staged home that only leads to the Adam's Family or Munster's basement. It doesn't need to be this way.


Prepare house for sale includes staging your basement to sell! Even if it's unfinished.

The basement is usually one third of your entire house - so flaunt it. When  your family grows, you will be happy to have that extension of your home.


At the time I was writing this article, I was preparing my clients home for sale in Etobicoke. So it only makes sense that I write this article as the basement really needed some staging - even the unfinished part. The first place to start was the cracks in the concrete walls.


In the basement of the house that is being prepared there were two cracks in the concrete wall. It showed evidence of leakage over the last 40 years. For $300 per crack, each crack was pressure injected with polyurethane.


How is this staging a home?   You are basically making something look more valuable without really much work and making those buyers want to feel there is a lot more value. Consider these benefits...

1. The warranty is transferable to the buyer, a plus;

2. The warranty has a lifetime warranty - definitely a bigger plus to the buyer.

3. The buying agent will love you because you've just answered their main question - do the cracks leak?

4. The concrete walls can now be freshly painted to look great and super clean - like the rest of the house.

5. Buyer will feel more comfortable knowing that they can finish their basement without water damage.

6. When the concrete floors are painted with a warm pastel colour, are clean and smooth, and feel clean on the client's feet, then consider it staged successfully.


You have now made it so that buyers want to go into your basement.

·         Buyers feel good and comfortable in their socks;

·         Floors and walls feel clean and the buyers are happy to explore the basement area.

·         Your dungeon has now become usable and a livable part of the house.

·         Perhaps it's now good enough for the play area for the children. Without these fixes, it may not have been suitable for the buyer's dog. Many times this is the turning point for the buyer.


If you wanted to tweak your unfinished basement a bit more:

·         I would also recommend having someone qualified to install more lighting in your basement and connect those lights together on one switch.

·         Many times agents are lazy and won't turn on all lights. Without light, there isn't much for the buyer to look at.


Staging your home to sell is at the centre of our efforts - even in the basement. Read more about my tips on basements in my other articles.