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Best Color to paint


The Best Color to Paint Your House When You Prepare a House for Sale!

When you prepare your house for sale and you want to sell as quickly as possible and without a lot of hassle, it is important to ensure that your home’s décor is looking its best and is appealing to purchasers.

That makes a lot of sense... BUT, what if you believe that your velvet wall paper is too groovy?

Before you decide what and how to paint, bring in an expert! Get the professional opinion so that you know what to deal with the first time without making bad decisions and wasting your precious time and money.

Remember, you are painting and preparing your house for sale for the BUYER'S EYE, not yours. That is how you will get more money, with a faster sale and less aggravation.

Making a good first impression is everything when selling your home.

A purchaser may make inquiries

·         about the upkeep of the home;

·         the state of your appliances or;

·         the nature of your neighborhood and schools. 

These issues do not compare to when a purchaser gets that certain feeling when he or she steps into your home for the first time.

You can think about your home's color choices as a vitalpiece; it sets the stage for the decorations and designs that give rooms their exceptional feel.

Picking the right paint is a chore that causes displeasure for a lot of people.

·         Paint is generally easy to apply or change, yet the wrong color inside or out can turn a purchaser off from the whole house.

·         To keep this from happening, home staging experts and real estate agents who specialize in renovating and preparing homes for sale can suggest painting your home in more neutral colors. This is the best help you can get when you prepare a house for sale.

Since you are most likely still living in your home that doesn’t mean you have to have all rooms plain and bland. Keep in mind, the expression "neutral colors" doesn't confine you to shades of white and beige.

With a little preplanning and a sense for the impact color has on the human personality, you can utilize tans, greens and significantly bolder shades to highlight your home and attract those buyers.

When home staging, keep in mind the outer surface of your home when you prepare the house for sale: painting the outside can likewise help draw in potential purchasers, yet be mindful. While some people would consider painting their house in Florida peach or sea blue, chances are these colors would turn off potential purchasers in our Canadian neighborhood.

OK, I had expert advice and it makes sense. What now?

·         Decide if you can physically - and in a timely manner - finish this paint job and the preparation that goes with it.

·         Ask yourself if you have the skills to prepare the walls BEFORE paint is rolled on.

·         Remember, painting is the easy part. Preparing cracked and defective walls, tape joints, trim, mouldings, ceilings, etc, is another issue - that is much more complicated.

·         Consider splitting the difference - hire someone to prepare all the walls and all you need to do is just paint the primer and the top coat of paint.

What type of paint do you need when getting your house ready to sell?

1.    Important question because if you choose a cheap and poor quality paint, you may then require more coats and more paint. This is a time sucker and will cost you more money in the long run - not a good idea.

2.    Some people like to use a primer and final paint in one. This cuts your time in half and still has good looking results. It may cost more upfront per gallon, but the work is cut in half.

3.    Another trick is to use a one coat paint because your time is now cut in half. Again, the cost is more per gallon but you save time.

4.    DO NOT cut corners by foregoing the primer (unless it's an all in one). Getting your house ready to sell is about the final looks. If you paint job looks blotchy and amateurish, then it was all a waste of time and money.

There is a balance between being frugal and getting a very nice job. The good news is that this balance can easily be accomplished. You just need to know the right steps involved to get you there.

This is where you ought to call an expert for help. These experts who deal with selling homes and bringing in the trades to do the work are your best start. Usually they offer free opinions.

Once your home is prepared for sale - the right way - you will be delighted and so will your buyers.