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Low Commission Realtors - Do They Exist?


A real estate agent’s commission is the largest expense when it comes to selling your home, aside from the mortgage.  With commission’s hovering around the 5 percent range if you can find a low commission real estate agent that offers around 1% commission you can save yourself thousands of dollars.

There are low commission realtors out there that do offer lower commissions but you need to make sure they still provide the full service you expect, some may not.  When you prepare a house for sale you also need to do your homework on which realtor you should use.  You need to ensure they are experienced and are willing to do what is needed to provide you with the same full service a higher commission realtor provides and as well, a low commission realtor that is an experienced market appraiser is beneficial so that you know exactly how to price your home

If you can find a realtor that not only provides a lower commission when selling but also offers the assistance of staging home to sell that is a bonus.  Staging home for sale is a must when you are getting ready to put your home on the market and having various options to choose from that work with your situation will not only make your home sale easier but gives you piece of mind as well.

To find out how our 1% commission, private sale, and home staging packages work please contact Roland Hack by any of the means below.  I’m a very experienced low commission realtor who will provide you with FULL service MLS listing service and you get to keep all the savings.

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