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Staging home to sell - with the right lighting!


It's funny how sellers will prepare house for sale by buying expensive lamps and light fixtures. Then, they put into that lamp a horrific CFL bulb! YUK! Nothing like a cool florescent type light to really set the mood, eh?

In my opinion, throw all of those CFL lights in the garbage - actually, dispose of them safely as they contain mercury, not to mention the hazards when they break in your home! Hard to imagine in 2014 our society supports and continues to support such a poisonous technology not to mention the electrical field (radiation) they throw and the ugly light produced.

So, when staging home to sell, ensure that you use safe, warm lighting.

What type of lighting use?

The simple answer is to use a warm light. Do NOT use light that is cool! This cool light will cause your warm accents in your paint and marble backsplash to vanish. When that vanishes, so does the higher selling price of your home.

Types of lights:

1. HR16 Halogen (used for 120 volts and the MR16 is used in 12 volts) this is a sophisticated bulb that throws a very clean looking light. The drawback is that they get hot. Ensure that your fixture can handle the wattage and never exceed the fixtures recommended wattage.


2. LED: currently these lights are getting better in that they are dimmable and cast a warmer light than the earlier models. Ensure that you check the colour temperature of the light which should be noted on the package. Anything at or above a colour temperature of 3000 Kalven is not acceptable to me as it gives off a cool temperature and feel. Most likely you will need to visit a professional electrical supply store, as the big box stores carry the status quo of 3000 kelvin which I personally will never use. Expensive upfront but cheap in the long run.


3. Good old incandescent light bulbs. Soft white, don't over watt the fixture, and you are all set. These give off excellent light. Get them while you can.


4. CFLs: you know my opinion on these already.



What is the best deal on light bulbs?

A) Keep in mind the financial pros and cons.

B) If you are selling your home, you may not want to leave a thousand dollars behind in LED light bulbs. In this case, when staging home to sell, you may decide to buy the cheap soft white bulbs as they sell for a dollar or so, compared to $25 for one LED light!

C) When you move into your new home, you can then spend the money on really good LED bulbs. These will give you 50,000 hours of use, and if you choose a colour temperature under 3000 Kelvin you will get a  warm and a very clean looking light.

Prepare your house for sale the right way. Ensure that your lighting is appealing to buyers. If not, you are throwing your money away.