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Staging home to sell - electricals


Don't be shocked when you read this!

But staging house for sale includes your home's electrical system!!!

Stagers never talk about your home's electrical circuits as part of staging. Mainly because those stagers know nothing about electrical and why should they?

Your home is supposed to be safe. Buyers who buy a home and pay top dollar expect it to be electrically safe and sound for their children and themselves. So, it only makes sense that your home should be in tip top shape electrically.

The reason staging applies to your electrical system is because it must look good and attractive, just like furniture in your living room. Buyers buy emotionally and making them feel safe is like making them feel comfortable in your living room because of the cozy couch.

So many home owners will spend thousands on staging home to sell, but not a cent on a licensed electrician to remedy safety issues. Would you want your children sleeping in a room next to this plug?


Here are some tips on how to prepare house for sale, electrically:

1. Hire an qualified licensed electrician to inspect your home. The electrician will usually find something that needs attention. This electrician is responsible to follow the Ontario electrical safety code.

2. If you have aluminum wire, have receptacles, light switches and fixtures inspected by your electrician and corrected where needed and then have an Electrical Safety Authority inspection done. Once the inspection is complete, whoever took out the permit receives an ESA certificate of inspection. Expect this to cost about $1,000 to $1,500, but it's worth it because it will come up during a Home Inspection and it will be in your favour when you can show the Home Inspector the ESA certificate of inspection.

3. Have the electrical panel inspected. There is always something to find in the electrical panel and you don't want to have the Buyer's Home Inspector find any issues.

4. Remember that the vast majority of Buyers are ignorant and afraid of electrical issues. The Buyer may feel that the electrical work will cost them thousands when only a few hundred dollars may be needed. If you, the home owner, finds a well priced electrician to remedy the work BEFORE the buyer sees the issues, you will win financially and facilitate a smoother sale of your home.

5. Keep in mind that you are only having existing wiring checked for safety. It doesn't mean that you are adding new receptacles, etc to your home.



If you really want to update your receptacles or switches because they have dirt and paint on them, or you have three different colours of ugly receptacles in one room! Consider up dating your switches and receptacles to Decora or modern types. Just have a look at the local big box stores to see what is current.

wall-switch-to-new-stage home to sell.jpg

1. WATCH YOUR BUGET ... Don't get carried away! You heard that before. Those switches and receptacles are quite affordable, right? Count up ALL these items in your home. An average 2,000 square foot home can have 45 to 55 of these! Also keep in mind the cost of a licensed electrician to do the work.

2. Consider only updating the switches and receptacles that are obvious. You may only want to update the light switches in the hallway for front entrance. At least when buyers come in they are greeted by modern and clean switches.

Once your home is staged electrically, you will feel more confident about demanding more money for your home. It's worth it and it makes good sense!