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Staging Home To Sell - To Get More Returns; In A Leveling Out Market....


If you are planning on selling, this is a MUST read to prepare the house for sale!

It is 2014. The newspapers are almost always talking about how a property sold for $100k more than asking in the Toronto market. The key word is almost.

Hardly ever do they mention Toronto's sorry real estate woes and debts that sellers carry. When the newspapers talk about the egregious debt loads that good people have racked up, there are no further follow ups in articles, but rather silence on these issues.

Same goes for the articles on homes that do not sell. These are also mentioned but never followed up on. There would be tens of thousands of articles on sellers who could not sell if a paper actually had the desire to report it.

It's becoming more difficult to get buyers to just jump in and pay what you want. There are many reasons within the market but in this article we'll focus on how we can put the odds in your favour by staging your home to sell.


You need to be better than your neighbor, more than ever!

What to look for:


·         Start by driving your area and looking at homes with forsale signs. How do those properties look? If they are all mediocre then dress up your house just a bit better than their home.

·         Do they have improvements on the outside? Updated eaves troughs? Upgraded pavement on driveway? What can you do to make yours look "one up" without breaking the bank?

·          Then, look online at the listings in  your area. Are 10% stunning? 90% ugly and outdated? Perhaps you just need paint. If so, find a real estate agent who will pay for your renovations and then help you sell the property.


Keeping just a step ahead of the other homes when staging home to sell is critical.

Planting flowers, fixing a downspout, trimming trees is also part of the process to prepare house for sale. If you are tight on money then consider saving by using a low commission realtor. The low commission when selling will save you enough money to help pay for some staging and home repairs.

Remember that it is as important to be staging home to sell on the outside as it is for the inside, especially when you want to be ahead in a slower market.