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Believe it or not, even the garage should be home-staged.  Buyers look for lots of storage space.  It’s important to stage the garage to maximize the appearance of space, as well as ensuring there’s plenty of room for cars.

Start by emptying everything out of the garage.  This will allow you to clean, paint, and organize.

- Using a long-handled broom, knock down cobwebs, and remove loose dirt and dust from the walls.  Remove dust from shelves and cabinet tops.

- Vacuum the floor.  If there are oil spills, use sand or the appropriate compound to absorb them, then sweep them up.

- Clean and repair door tracks, light fixtures, doors and windows.

Staging the garage includes a fresh coat of paint, which will also enhance the appearance of cleanliness.

Home-staging the garage involves ensuring that everything has its’ place.  If there aren’t any or enough shelves, it would be best to install some.

- Keep all shelving away from the centre of the garage, to leave room for cars.

-  Group like things together on the shelves ie paint, tools, sports equipment.

- Anything that’s not needed in the near future should not be put back in the garage.  Instead, store it in public storage for the time being.  Having the garage shelves partially empty will enhance the appearance of space.

If a buyer’s present home doesn’t include a garage, or only a small one, the appearance of a clean, organized and spacious garage will be added appeal to the buyer.


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