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Most people appreciate a spacious kitchen, so it stands to reason that extra time and attention should be given to staging your kitchen, in preparing to sell your home.  Following are some tips on cleaning and organizing your kitchen:


  Cleaning the Kitchen:  Buyers will immediately notice a sparkling kitchen. 

-   Clean and shine the appliances.  Be sure to clean under the refrigerator and stove.

-    Wipe all light fixtures

-   Remove dust from the tops of cabinets and the fridge.

-    Polish cupboard handles & faucets

-    Remove crumbs from inside the drawers

-    Clean the inside of the oven, and use a brush on the wire shelves.

-    Clean and freshen the refrigerator by adding baking soda to the dishwater.

-    Clean the microwave, inside and out, removing fingerprints from the touchpad.

-    Make sure the backsplash and counter tops are spotless.

-    Clean the windows, including the window sills.


v  Unclutter the Kitchen:  Keep in mind that buyers want to see a kitchen with plenty of space for their own furnishings, dishes and appliances.

-          Pack away extra dishes, pot and pans, coffee mugs, cooking utensils.  Keep out only what you need on a daily basis.

-          Clear all appliances off the countertops, except for the coffee-maker.

-          Organize the pantry by packing away food and appliances not needed in the immediate future.

-          Remove furnishings such as extra tables, tea carts, shelving, etc.


v  Organizing the Kitchen:  Now that you’ve uncluttered your kitchen, it’ll be easy to keep everything in its’ proper place.

-          If cupboards or drawers are worn, consider installing liners

-          Organize each drawer and cabinet to have a specific function.  Try to avoid a “junk drawer”.


            Following these simple steps will not only stage your kitchen to appear spacious, but        efficient as well.

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