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Quick Steps to Staging your Home for a Sale

First impression is the key to selling your home quickly.  Well-staged homes sell up to 50% faster than non-staged homes.  To prepare your home to sell right the first time. Following are some quick tips to help you stage your home for a faster sale: Clean, organize and de-clutter all rooms in your house, including your cold cellar.  Pack away and store anything that you don’t need to use in the immediate future, including family photos, trophies, certificates, gym equipment not in use (which is most people), fridge "artwork", etc. Yes, closets are part of your home too and must be organized. Pack away seasonal clothing not in use.  This will make your closets appear larger. Organize kitchen cupboards, as buyers may look inside.  To make your kitchen appear spacious and functional, remove all appliances and clutter from counter tops. Get rid of the microwave. There is only one time in my career that I have ever seen a non built in microwave enhance a kitchen. So, put the microwave away - even better - get rid of it for health reasons. Put away all personal items in the bathroom.  Keep it clean, and as bare as possible.  Make sure towels are fresh and hanging neatly. Staging your home to sell includes fixing and repairs! Repair all cracks, inside and out.  Fix squeaky hinges, leaking faucets, and replace burnt-out light bulbs. Keep drapes and blinds open to let in natural light.

Flowers, candles, a bowl of colourful fruit, will add appeal, as will the smell of a pot of hot coffee. Turn off the T.V., and turn off the sound on all computers.  Have some light jazz playing softly on the stereo. If you can, pack up your TV and store it if it's an older model. If it's a flat screen then it will define the room differently - in a good way. Consider taking your pet with you when you leave the house during a viewing.  Potential buyers may not be pet-lovers and may even be afraid of your beloved family member. Make sure everything is clean and dust-free when you prepare house for sale. This small investment in time and money will also ensure a better sales price.  Buyers are more attracted to a home they can visualize themselves living in. Keep in mind that you will also want to have a low commission when selling. You spent so much time and effort and perhaps costs on staging home to sell that now you will want to get more in your pocket. For a low commission realtor who is professional and fair, see Roland Hack at