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Do you want to sell your home quickly, and for the best possible price?Staging your home will present it at its’ best, to many buyers.

Roland Hack writes articles on staging and home repairs and has some great tips to help you prepare your home for sale.

You can also try visiting model homes - this is a great way to get ideas on how to stage a house for sale.

  1. Following are nine basic rules on preparing your house for sale:
  2. Eliminate clutter, and depersonalize.  Clutter makes the house look smaller, and personal items make it harder for a buyer to visualize themselves living in the house.  Remove throw pillows and blankets, and area rugs.
  3. Inspect your carpets.  If their worn or stained, it’s worth it to replace them with new carpet in neutral colours.
  4. Keep your home clean at all times, including the windows.  Consider hiring a professional crew to clean your home weekly, while your home is on the market.
  5. Fix cracked tiles and walls, dripping taps, broken light fixtures, squeaky hinges, and any other repairs you are aware of. If you can't do this yourself, hire a local handyman and get it done fast and professionally.
  6. Neutral colours are your best bet - but make sure they are warm and not cool, otherwise it may depress some of the more sensitive buyers. Warm is the way to go.  Dramatic colours and styles could be a turn-off to buyers who taste is not the same.
  7. The entrance is the first impression in the “feel” of the home.  Keep it well-lit and clutter-free.  Remove area rugs, as they make the entryway appear smaller.
  8. Keep the kitchen floors and counter tops clutter free.  Put away all food and small appliances.  Part of staging your home to sell includes not cooking with strong odours eg garlic and onions.  However, the smell of baking cookies is a good choice!  Shine the cupboards, if they are made of wood, and replace missing knobs.
  9. Keep the bathrooms clean, including the shower doors, and put away all personal items.  Clean mould and mildew.  Keep clean towels out, hanging neatly.
  10. Leave the house before a potential buyer arrives.   Leave all the lights on before you go.

Following these basic rules in getting your house ready to sell will ensure a quicker sale, and at a higher price.  Well worth the time and investment!

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