we are not only staging you house but also pays to prepare house for sale and we are low commission realor


Vanity to update or not ?


Making your bathroom more modern - old vanity - to keep or not keep?

This is all part of staging and necessary to
prepare house for sale.

Staging your home so sell must include some consideration for the vanities. If not, you haven't staged your home properly.

How bad do they look? Will fresh towels and some flowers in your bathroom hide a horrific vanity? Most likely not, so don't waste your money on staging it!

Rather, figure out how you can replace that old vanity, counter, sink and faucet or at least refresh it.

Refreshing requires that:

1.      You have a sound and undamaged and functional vanity. This means the drawers pull out without falling out, the hinges are not broken, the doors are not all crocked or warped or swollen from water damage. Some builders use garbage pressed particle wood in their homes and once damaged, there is nothing you can do to repair it.

2.      The vanity, even though out dated, still has a look that is acceptable and will look good when painted. You don't want to paint a vanity that screams the 80's even after it is painted as you just wasted your time and money.

3.      The counter and sink are sound and they are not dented or rusted and the counter is in good condition and hopefully a neutral colour.


If your vanity needs TLC, new hardware, fixing, the sink is rotted out, the counter is a hideous colour and design and the sides of the melamine delaminated, then you know what to do! Toss it out and for a reasonable price put in a new vanity with sink, counter and fresh faucet! Remember, prepare house for sale must include some upgrades to get the most return.


Where to buy well priced vanities?

There are so many negotiable deals to be had at non big-box stores. These are beautiful vanities with under mount sinks, granite or marble counters, that there is almost no excuse not to buy it. Most of these places are absolutely negotiable on price.


Who to install?

There are so many competent handy people around that would love to do this job for a fair price. Whatever you pay you will get it back when selling.

With so many choices on the market today, you can prepare house for sale by ensuring that your bathrooms look their best. If your entire bathroom is a nightmare then the scope of work increases greatly along with cost.

Hopefully your bathroom only needs the vanity, counter and sink and faucet. If this is the case then upgrade and update and get more money from your sale.