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Removal Of Removal of heavy concrete Pool


Removal of heavy concrete is a form of Staging Your Home to Sell - Specifically your back yard!


This is staging worth mentioning - it involves the removal of tons of concrete from a yard - but it's still staging to prepare your house for sale.


A good example is when the pool was no longer needed it was filled in with soil. The problem is the tons of concrete remaining around the pool.


No buyer wants to pay full price for a home only to have to deal with this daunting task.


The solution is to get in a Bobcat and rip out all of the concrete and aluminum liner down about a foot or two.  


If you are in the same predicament then this article will help you - the home owner solve this issue - and help you prepare your house for sale.


Use this opportunity to have the workers  remove other items such as old and rotten railway ties, old patio slabs, etc. These workers eat this stuff for breakfast and love this work. It's easy for them to clean up those extras that you NEVER will.


Keep in mind that you will need a special large bin specifically for concrete. Most likely this is taken care of by the contractor so you won't need to deal with it.


Keep in mind that all of this is really staging your house for sale, it just requires heavy machinery!!!


If you need to start staging your house to sell and you need to get rid of your pool, here is the sequence:

1. Get at least 3 quotes. If you really are inexperienced with any form of home maintenance then get at least seven quotes so that you won't get ripped off! Contractor's can sense this and many take advantage of the home owner.

2. Ensure that they remove not only the decking concrete but a foot or two below grade of the pool liner. You don't' want to have people getting injured when the soil recedes. You may end up with jagged concrete or aluminum sticking out of the ground.

3. If you are going to leave the base (basically the lining of the pool underground) in place, make sure that holes are drilled into the bottom of the pool before filling with soil. This will allow water to seep out and drain.

4. I would separate the quote by from the contractor into two parts:

A) the cost of concrete removal  and ;

B) the cost to fill the pool with dirt.

5. Sometimes when pools are installed, the extra dirt is left right on the property. This means you should be able to grade and fill the pool with no extra additional expense for new soil.


While the contractor is out there, make sure to have them grade dirt near the home so that the water runs away from the house. This is such a simple fix to damp basements, not to mention that the buyer's home inspector will report this problem.


Staging house for sale is so important. Getting the back yard done or anything outdoors, is just as important as picking the right colour to paint or the right furniture to stage your home with.