we are not only staging you house but also pays to prepare house for sale and we are low commission realor


Tasteless Sellers


Don't stage your home for sale... unless you actually know what you are doing!


It's sad but true, so many people who have little or no taste. Period. These are the people who believe they are stagers because they have watched a few renovation shows. They go ahead and think that they are staging a home for sale, but end up turning it into a tidier tasteless home.


If this is you - then hire a stager:

·         You like the 1970's 1 foot x 1 foot marbled glass plates that someone stuck on the wall when disco just took off.

·         You love the dark cave like look of your basement paneling even though it is dingy.

·         You like the largemouth bass mounted on the plaque on the wall (OK for cottage country).

·         You like the carpets that are  40  years old and every single bedroom has a completely different colour - so much so that they are on opposite sides of the colour wheel!!!


Preparing a home for sale is really a one shot deal. That buyer only needs to look once to be turned off.

People today believe they know how to do something, just because they can read it on the internet. The problem is that you get one chance to sell your home for the most money. If you miss this opportunity, it can cost you dearly.


Thank goodness that these amateur stagers are confined to their own home and can't hurt other people's homes. It sound harsh but so many disasters happen when home sellers try the DIY approach.


Many qualified stagers are exceptional at what they do and who are very affordable. You need to be able to recognize when you will need help in staging your home to sell.


If you can't afford the staging, find a realtor who will pay for your renovations. There are great low commission real estate agents who are happy to pay up front for your staging and or renovations.


There is great value in staging house to sell but... if it's not done correctly, you've just wasted your time and turned off a lot of buyers.


Prepare you home to sell by knowing your limits. Perhaps you can:

·         de-clutter your home, but you need help in balancing out the feel of the space.

·         you may need someone to select and supply staging pictures on your walls.

·         Get assistance in selling the best colour for your walls based on the stager's decorating skills.


By doing some of the work you save money. Then hiring a stager for the rest of the job may prove to be a wise money saving choice when getting your house ready to sell. It will also save you a lot of stress.