we are not only staging you house but also pays to prepare house for sale and we are low commission realor


Is your own furniture worthy of staging?


Is your own furniture worthy of staging?


Most likely YES, YES and YES!




The cost of staging is broken into two parts:

1) the cost of the time for the stager to do their magic;

2) the cost of the rental of the furniture.


Staging home to sell, properly, usually involves some sort of time for the stager to really get a feel for your home and draw up a plan of action. Most sellers have no issue with hiring a stager to stage the home - that is to come in and move furniture, hang photos, put out the towels, etc. Where most sellers feel the price pinch is the second part: the rental of furniture.


I have been using very affordable stagers when I list homes for sale - that is very fair prices for excellent work. Fair prices for the time and effort and expertise for my stager to carefully consider and think about what your unique home needs to look it's best.


Where we feel the price pinch is the rental of furniture - which can get really expensive quickly!


To understand why it may costs so much to rent furniture see my points below.

·         Furniture rental can cost 1500 - 3000 per month. What if your home does not sell for 3 months? That's $10k in rental costs alone - you can buy a lot of your own furniture for that money!

·         Every time furniture gets moved it usually gets slightly damaged or scratched. You move a table in and out of 5 houses and that table starts to look tired. Do you want a tired looking table in your dining room? Most likely no.

·         After so many uses, the furniture needs to be refinished or a new set of furniture needs to be bought. The furniture rental companies need to take this into account and so do stagers who own their own furniture.

·         Transport and movers cost money and that is part of rental costs. If you have move is the last few years, you will know how my cost and time is spent moving. You need to hire competent movers so that the furniture does not get damaged and these people work for more than minimum wage.


One question that I am asked is "Why doesn't the stager bring her own furniture in? That way I don't need to rent it.". At first this makes sense, but for the reasons mentioned above, most stagers won't own their own furniture. Not to mention the storage fees of the furniture for the stager. Also, what if the stager is really busy, how much furniture can one stager own and store?


Some stagers who keep their own furniture have furniture that has been used so many times, you may not want that in your home as the furniture looks tired. Scratches, dents, broken bits or missing pieces all make furniture look tired and cheap.



If you are successfully staging house for sale, then I would recommend you hire the stager to:

·         Help you sort through what you already have.

·         Many times you already have the best staging furniture in your home - it's just a matter of de-cluttering and cleaning up.

·         The stager will help you with the Herculean task of sorting. It's so worth paying the stager for this assistance because you will now save thousands on the furniture rental.


Your money is best spent on the stager helping you get things in order, not to mention to weed out your furniture for staging. This is MONEY WELL SPENT.


 If it comes down to renting only one or two pieces of furniture then the cost will be very little and your home will look complete. I can't think of any better way to prepare house for sale.