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Mold Inspector


Staging for mold!

Sounds crazy but dealing with mold is no joke and staging home to sell must include this.

If not, it may cost you tens of thousands of dollars in sales.

Staging home to sell is not only about making your home look pretty, it's about being wise and NOT closing your eyes to health issues.

So many sellers don't want to deal with a mold issue. Whether they do or not, the home inspector will find it and then the seller will really have a problem.

Rather than talk about the mold, mold inspectors will be the focus. Why? Because if you need help in this area you must know what to ask for to get the most out of the remediation process. And, so you don't get ripped off.

There are many mold remediation companies who will so over charge because of the public's fear of mold. Don't be sucked into high prices and their hazmat suits to justify their prices.

Some of these mold companies will put on their hazmat suits because you have some mold on your bread - these are the companies to avoid. The trick is to weed them out so that you DON'T hire them.

How to find a reputable mold remediation company:

1.   Ask a real estate agent who specializes in funding and renovating seller's homes - that agent will know a trusted and fair priced mold company.

2.   That same agent can also orchestrate this process and over see it for you to make it more manageable for you.

3.   Call about 5 companies for a free inspection and written estimate.

4.   Ensure that they give a transferrable warranty.

5.   Ensure that they give you a certificate that the work has been done to government standards.

The cost can depend on the severity of the issue and the solutions used. That is why you must call at least 5 companies. 3 quotes just isn't enough to ensure that you get the fairest price.

Staging home to sell should not be about getting the cheapest work done. But rather getting a great result as fair prices. Cheap jobs usually result in cheap looking repairs - buyers will see this and feel ripped off.

When it comes to mold remediation, make sure that a reputable company with a fair price has done the job.