we are not only staging you house but also pays to prepare house for sale and we are low commission realor


Prepare your gardens


Staging house for sale also includes your gardens!

Make sure you spend time on your garden as it makes a huge difference on how buyers view your home and YOU!

A manicured garden and lawn means that you are a maintainer. If the front of the grounds look maintained the buyer will already think that your home inside is the same.

Stage your lawn and garden in the summer, springtime or early in the fall.

Depending on what season you are staging house for sale, you will be able to get some very good prices and perhaps free plants!

HINT: Do not get intimidated - this is fun work! Depending on your time and budget, think of this in several levels:

Level 1: Simple clean up;

·        of twigs and leaves

·        cut the grass

·        pick up garbage

Level 2: planting:

·        same as level 1 plus;

·        cut edges into your existing gardens to define the edging,

·        plant some bright annuals and perennials

·        pull out weeds

Level 3: adding more gardens & trimming trees;

·        same as level 1 & 2 plus;

·        start trimming your trees (go out and buy a $150 decent telescopic trimming tool for trees).

·        Trim of the branches and twigs so that your trees look manageable and controlled.

·        Add another garden to brighten that dead grass area and plant more colourful flowers or buy sod or seed.

·        Add colourful wood chips to your garden to really define it's look.

Want to SAVE MONEY on your garden when you stage house for sale? Well, getting free plants is easier than you think. Look at these ways to save money on plants:

1.   You will have many neighbors whom you know who have nice gardens. These people will most likely have an over abundance of perennials so ask them for some.

2.   Offer to help your neighbour tidy up their garden and gently remove those extra plants and plant them in your garden.

3.   Around the time of mid June your neighbours will need to start pulling out some of the extra growth in their garden if they plan to maintain the garden, so, you can use these free plans in your garden.

The idea is to make it look as though you have a healthy amount of plants that are orderly and maintained.

How to SAVE MORE MONEY when planting?

·        In July many nurseries sell plants at 60 percent off.

·        Buy plants where you can get three or four stems in the pot. At home, break that bunch into four plants.

·        Getting a 7 dollar plant at 60% off and then splitting the bunch into 4 costs you only 70 cents per plant!!! Smart.

·        Simply cut an edge around your garden. This means you do not need any borders to be bought or dug in.


There's so many people who spend so much time staging the inside of her home to sell that they completely forget the outdoors.

Being smart and staging house for sale on the outside will make you thousands of dollars at a fraction of the cost.