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Stagin your attic


Staging your attic?

I bet you never heard of this before. But...

If you prepare house for sale make sure you think about your attic. We are NOT talking about putting flowers in the attic or sprucing it up, but rather a visual inspection just in case you have any issues that would repulse buyers.

You want to make sure you don't have the following issues, and if you do, make sure you REMEDY them before listing your home for sale.

Inspect your attic for:

1.    MOLD - at the top of the list NOT to have. A really good real estate agent will have an excellent mold remediation expert at a FAIR price.

2.    Squirrels, raccoons or mice living in your attic.

3.    Evidence of rodents that may have lived in your attic.

4.    Structural sagging of trusses or wood rot.

5.    Exhaust fans that are not vented or insulated.

6.    Little or no air ventilation.

7.    Colony of bats - yes this has actually happened to some poor souls.

8.    Asbestos in your attic.

9.    Low amounts of insulation.


Prepare house for sale and your ATTIC! This advice can make or break your sale.

If you don't feel comfortable inspecting your attic, call a qualified home inspector. It really is worth the money because it will cost you less to repair those issues if you do it, compared to compensating a scared buyer for those fixes as the buyers always ask for more to be safe.

Most of the issues can be resolved easily and cheaply depending on the SEVERITY of the issue!

Once you determined what issues exist, call an experienced real estate agent specializes in working with homes that need work. This agent will have a team of people who are affordable, fair and excellent at what they do. This real estate agent should be able to give expert opinion to what is most prudent to do.

Once your attic is in order, go ahead and prepare house for sale in the typical fashion, you know, fresh towels, scented candles, etc.

The fact that you "staged" your attic means that you are an excellent home owner who deserves to get the highest sale amount.

It is so important that you maintain your attic that you should share this article with your friends and family who are planning to sell.