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Article staging your laundry area


Are you crazy to stage your laundry room?

NO! The laundry room is an important part of the house. It would be refreshing to find a laundry room decent enough to walk through and feel clean with only socks on! So, staging house for sale MUST include a close look at your laundry room.

There are so many sellers who scoff at this idea but if the person in charge of the laundry doesn't like doing cloths in a dungeons laundry room, you may be losing an otherwise excellent buyer. Prepare house for sale properly and consider the following:

Done are the days of the filthy laundry room. There is simply no reason for it. Why?

1.      Paint is cheap. There are many great recycled paints at a fraction of the price which are perfect for the laundry room.

2.      Floor paints come in all sorts of colours

3.      It's an easy DIY project,

4.      Appliances for a clothes washer and dryer are as fancy as new cars

5.      Lighting is very affordable.

6.      There are many trades who love this work and who would charge fair prices for this work.

7.      If your laundry tub looks like it was used by an auto mechanic or an abattoir, it's time to replace it. A bright white laundry sink is only $45 dollars. You may have a 50 year old concrete tub, if it is in poor condition hire someone to bust it up and remove it and replace it.

8.      If no laundry tub exists, think about putting one in. They come in 24 inches and 18 inches. The smaller one is perfect for tight spaces.

9.      Upper kitchen cabinets used are cheap! Put some into your laundry room. It's a great way to hide those ugly bottles of chemicals and powders etc.

How do you know how bad your laundry room is?

The acid test is if you walked across your laundry room floor and your feet felt so dirty and grimy that you wanted to cut your feet off, well, then you know something needs to be done.

Understand, that most agents and buyers will remove their shoes when entering into your home. They don't usually put the shoes back on for the basement. If you won't walk on the floor without shoes, then why would they? The buyers won't even enter such a space, let alone walk around to get the feel of it.

Staging house for sale must include a staged laundry room. In this case it will go to a higher level of staging which involves painting, etc, but it is worth it. Think about it in this way: if a home owner is willing to take care of the laundry room so meticulously, then the buyer will see the whole house as maintained and cared for in the same way.