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Granite In Kitchen


What to do with my kitchen? It looks good but not great - what to do?

Staging home to sell is important and requires some preparation. Ultimately you will get back what you put in plus extra cash in your pocket and the kitchen is a great place to start.

If you have a kitchen that looks good and just needs some dressing up you may want to consider a quick and simple upgrade to granite.

Which kitchens are the best to do this to?

1.   Newly built homes in the last 10 years.

2.   Kitchens that have been updated/renovated in the last 10 years.

3.   Refaced kitchens less than 10 years old.

4.   Any kitchen where a reasonable buyer could gladly use the existing cabinetry.


SAVING MONEY is important. Spending money in the right places is more important if it gets you return on your investment. For this reason granite is a wise investment.

Make sure you do research or contact a real estate agent who knows the trades and can help you get great prices on granite from trusted trades.

A typical 10 by 10 kitchen will run you at a fair price $1,300 including under mount stainless steel sink installed. If you don't know the trade or have a contact the same job will cost you $2,500 at least.


Colour and pattern:

1.   Select a complementing colour to your existing cabinetry and tile

2.   Try to select a subdued pattern, no one is interested in YOUR statement or flash! Pick something that the general public will accept - don't take chances or try to be ultra trendy.


You may need to take out your backsplash. Many new builds do not have any backsplash.

When you add your new counters you will want to add a back splash. Your granite guy should be able to do this or any reputable handyman.

Staging home to sell is easier when upgrading things that buyers really want - and granite is in!