we are not only staging you house but also pays to prepare house for sale and we are low commission realor


Home Inspection Report


A home inspector is part of staging house for sale.

Hire a fairly priced home inspector to make sure your home is in top mechanical and structural shape. This too is considered staging, well above the scented candles and fresh towels.

Too many sellers focus on staging and ignoring large structural issues. It's great to stage and worth it, but too many sellers are falling back on the hope of staging will overrule costly issues with the home.

Buyer's are keen and so is their home inspector.

Hire a home inspector to catch issues even before staging house for sale. Why, because you may need to do some work that causes dust or a mess.

Why stage your home if you only need to do a clean-up of work that was done - save your time and money and do it in proper order.

You can also stage using your home inspection book. Sounds funny, but leaving that Home Inspection report out is staging.

1.  It shows that you have information on the house.

2.  You were prudent and honest in your homes health status.

3.  You showed concern about what needs to be done in the home.

4.  And it will show your remedies put in place for the buyers benefit. Buyers love that.


A realtor who specializes in renovating homes will be able to give you great home inspectors at fair prices.

Don't wait, get you home inspected and feel great that you are doing the right thing when staging house for sale.

You the home owner will be viewed by the buyer at greater level of trust worthiness than most other sellers and the buyer will most likely be willing to pay more for your house than your competitors.