we are not only staging you house but also pays to prepare house for sale and we are low commission realor


Floors in your house


Staging home to sell includes ensuring your hardwood floors look their best.

Most buyers do not want to take on the task of refinishing floors. Moreover, those buyers may not be able to:

1. afford, or

2. be able to deal with getting hardwoods refinished or replaced because they have no contacts and just don't know where to start.

 For this reason, it may be the best option for the homeowner to prepare their home for sale by ensuring the floors are brought up to current standards. This will be one of your largest areas of returns if you can get your floors looking their best.

 The buyer will be happy not to have to deal with the task of finishing floors. The buyers also pay for convenience so that when they move in they just need to put down their furniture. This means you can charge a bit of a premium for their benefit.

 Disruption for the homeowner, but... It's worth it financially!

 For the homeowner, unless your home is vacant, it will be a disruption when you re-sand or replace your flooring but it's still worth the effort. There is usually a lot of furniture in the house. But, if you are staging your home to sell and you are removing a lot of your furniture anyway, this may be the perfect opportunity to deal with your floors.

More tips on how to prepare house for sale by sanding your hardwoods:

1.   You just have to know the right people to refinish those tired hardwood floors.

2.   The floors have to look professionally finished yet you want to get the best price from the trades doing the job. Speak to some trades or better, talk to a qualified real estate agent who has experience in helping sellers stage and prepare home for sale. There is great value in a low commission realtor who has experience in this field and who can bring in affordable trades.

3.   If you have stains or watermarks on your floor then your best solution is to stain the floors with a nice rich stain to bring out the best in your wood grain and cover those dark water stains.

4.   Skilled flooring specialists will be able to sand around existing baseboards and trims so you won't go through the extra expense of removing, reinstalling and painting.


Staging home to sell will result in an excellent looking floor at a fraction of the cost compare to putting in brand new floors.


Choices of wood finishes:

1.   If you need a fast curing and drying top coat then water based is the way to do. In a day or two you will be walking on your floors.

2.   If you chose the slightly cheaper method of the good old polyurethane then count on being out of the house for about 7 days otherwise the fumes will irritate you.

3.   Oil finish. One of the most regal finishes but expensive. Realistically, go with the water based finish mentioned above.

 Staging house for sale is a very important element of getting your home sold for the most. Prepare house for sale does include staging and staging ought to include some upgrades - these go hand in hand.