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Staging home to sell - Should I Get Rid Of My BULKY BULKHEADS???


Prepare your house for sale by taking a close look at your kitchen.  It can be considered "staging" when staging your home to sell via a kitchen renovation.

But the question many homeowners have is: should I remove the BULKHEADS?

The simple answer is YES.  Get rid of those ugly bulkheads as your home will be better off and staged better!

Here's a list to consider if you want to remove the Bulkheads or not:

·         What is the price point of my home?  If your home is worth $500,000 or more and you are installing a $30,000 kitchen you may want to remove the bulkheads because the buyer will expect a modernized kitchen.  Staging includes some modernization.  Removing bulkheads modernizes a home.

·         The best way to look at a bulkhead is this way: If you can easily remove it and there is nothing inside the bulkhead then take out the bulkhead. Sometimes, bulkheads hide pipes, exhaust fan pipes, water pipes etc. These can be redirected but at what cost?

·         Sometimes it is better for the budget to leave the bulkheads.

·         You still can have an excellent kitchen with bulkheads but ensure the kitchen is really spectacular to compensate.


Lurking behind your bulkheads:

1.       Water pipes, whether copper or ABS (plastic) can be an issue due to plumbing codes and proper flow of water.

2.       Many times these ugly and dated bulkheads hide the kitchen fan exhaust pipes. Sometimes you can redirect these pipes.

3.       Return air vents hidden in between joists that won't allow the fan exhaust to go by, thus a bulkhead is then used to bypass this obstruction.

4.       Electrical wires.

5.       Complex joists that are blocked and cannot be cut away.


If you cannot practically remove bulk heads then use them as best you can. Staging home to sell means painting the bulkheads with the rest of the walls. Try to work with those bulkheads using a standard cabinet height.

If your kitchen was done properly, most buyers won't even notice the bulkheads and you will still sell your home for more.

Getting your money back on your staging is usually possible if you prepared house for sale properly. Keep in mind that there are qualified low commission real estate agents who would be happy to help you with staging home to sell. Look into those agents as you will greatly increase the savings and thus MORE MONEY IN YOUR POCKET.