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Kitchen Staging - Key To Prepare Your House For Sale


There's so many things to consider when staging your house for sale.  The kitchen is perhaps one of the most important areas.  You may not have it in your budget to get a new custom kitchen, but there's so many things that can be done with your old kitchen to help it look its best!


Here's a list of items that can be reasonably refreshed for a fraction of the cost:

·         old and oily exhaust fan

·         updated handles and cabinet knobs

·         tired looking to counters

·         dark and dirty cabinet interiors

·         adding under mount cabinet lights


A little TLC / updating on the above items may sway buyers into feeling better about your kitchen resulting in a higher purchase price. A new kitchen typically costs $8000 to $15,000 from a big box store, installed.  Custom kitchens are usually double that and up.


Installing a new kitchen is more than simply staging a home for sale, it's a renovation. A renovation would be a better choice, but with a tight budget, it may be better to stage it with minimal fixes.


If you're planning to save money and you're on a tight budget but you want to make your kitchen will more pleasant then consider this:

·         Old and dirty exhaust fan: sometimes it's most economical to simply throw out that old greasy exhaust fan.  Usually the dried oils can never be washed properly resulting in a still ugly and tired looking fan.  You can pick up a fan hood for around $60 - $120. With about 1.5 hours of work it can be installed.


·         Updating the handles and cabinet knobs: most Sellers who prepare their house for sale understand that simply changing the hardware on the cabinet doors and drawers will have a huge impact.  There are so many choices for affordable good looking hardware that there's no excuse not to do this.


·         Tired looking counters: most homeowners do not realize how inexpensive countertops are, especially if they are not granite.  If you go directly to the manufacturer of countertops you should be able to pick up a counter top for a larger size kitchen in the price range of$350.  I had done this many times and it's so expensive and can completely transform a kitchen. Hire someone to install it. Just be away that your tile back splash may need to be repaired too.


·         Dark and dirty cabinet interiors:  most people never talk about the interior other cabinets.  In some of the older kitchens these interiors can look or horrible.  All cracks and spaces inside the cabinet should be a first caulked so that when it is painted you won't see dark spaces.  It will look clean and bright. Keep in mind that the home buyer will always open the cabinet doors to have a look inside.  If the buyer does not want to put their dishes in the cabinet than you know they will want to reduce the sale price to reflect buying a new  kitchen - this is another key to staging a house for sale.


·         Adding under mount lighting: if your kitchen looks fairly decent you may want to add under cabinet lighting.  There's so many types of lighting today.  You can buy under mount lighting with batteries.  This means no rewiring or electrician. The best part is that when you show your home, this lighting will create an excellent ambiance for a small investment. Well worth the money.


The whole point of staging for house for sale and is to make your buyer feel comfortable.  Prepare your house for sale by spending time refreshing your kitchen. It's worth it!