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Low commission when selling home


Sellers have options today to cut down real-estate commissions or by handling the sale themselves.

These are the strategies that can help put more cash in seller’s pocket

Back in the days when selling your home meant either paying a hefty 6% commission to your realtor or going it completely alone. Today, Sellers have options that fall somewhere in between. They include:

• Negotiate your agent’s rate.
• Paying for the services you need.

All of the options have this in common: They're designed to keep more money in your pocket.

Commissions have fallen in recent years. And, as the real estate markets cool, commissions will be under more pressure.

Negotiate your agent's rate
In a typical home sale, agents for buyers and sellers each take a commission which is paid out of the seller's proceeds. But as agents compete with discount brokers and flat-fee services, some are becoming more amenable to reducing their cut to 2% or less.

If you're turned down, simply thank the agent for their report and let them know you'll be putting your home on the market with someone else in the next couple weeks. It might be enough to sway them. If not, consider one of the other following ways to cut costs.

Full service at a discount
Sometimes, you can take advantage of discounts and rebates by going with a big chain or private real estate agent. Because Roland is also an owner partner of Sutton Group Icon Realty, he can provide you with even better commission rates than others.

If you're thinking of selling you'll need a REALTOR who'll provide FULL Service and MLS exposure at a reasonable commission rate.
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