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Looking for a Low Commission realtor when selling Your Home on MLS with a REALTOR?


Mainly Sellers have three options for selling their house,  Selling homes by themselves, looking for low commission realtors for partial services or go for full service from real estate agents.

Sellers often wonder why they shouldn’t simply try to sell their homes by themselves to pocket more of the total sale price. It is true that selling your home on your own can potentially leave you with more money than what you would be able to get even through a low commission realtor.

However, it is necessary to remember that low commission realtors are still realtors, which means they will still have a much more thorough knowledge of the housing market and how to move within it than the average house owner.

Similarly, a low commission realtor will also give you the advantage of being able to expose your home to a much greater number of sites on the Internet that provide listings for homes.

You are essentially paying for inside knowledge and experience of the industry, which can be worth much more to you than what you may save selling it yourself. If you hired a skilled low commission realtor to sell your home instead of trying to sell it on your own, you could make a lot more money for yourself.

Also keep in mind that homes sold through realtors, including low commission realtors, tend to sell more quickly than homes that are sold by personal homeowners, which is again likely due to the additional experience held by those who work in the industry on a daily basis.

A final advantage of low commission realtors is that they are often likely to pre-screen your potential buyers to make sure they will be able to buy your home, which can save you lots in the long run.

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