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The THINKING part of staging - how to really think and stage...


Staging home to sell requires a lot of thought. More thought than simply displaying your towels and flowers, but the greater picture of your home. This means thinking about spending some money to upgrade parts of your home.

So many people fail in staging because they resort to "tricks" to make their home look better. This isn't wrong, but it is incomplete in the staging process, and the buyers may feel like you are trying to mask more important issues. Sort of like putting out the heavily scented air freshener because your cat peed in the corner of the room for the last five years! Wrong, simply wrong and if buyers find this out, you lose your credibility as a home seller who looks like someone who is hiding defects.

Thinking knowledge means that you not only thought about what you want to do but HOW you will orchestrate it and get it done! Many sellers simply don't finish their staging because they didn't properly think it out.

Key thoughts you must have before staging:

1.       How much work does your house need? Is it realistic? If you house needs only some minor updating then decide on who will update it and how. If you are unsure about what colours to use then call in an expert. Make a plan to research several experts in the area, speak to them on the phone, ask how they charge and if they do free estimates and put that part of the plan into place.

2.       Who can you call to give you an opinion on what may need to be done for repairs? Ask your real estate agent for trusted names for trades.

3.       Once you figured out what needs to be done, get your budget in place and get staging your home to sell!



This budget always seems to grow larger, never smaller, so watch it closely and hold your trades accountable to their quoted numbers. If there is something that was unforeseeable, then by all means pay the trade the extra dollars.

Before you commit to anything:

1.       sit down and think out the entire procedure of staging and any repairs.

2.       Write down the time frame, costs, who you will call to assist you, when they can start

3.       Even write down how to you plan to do research and note where you will be checking for these trades. For example, you would write down Kijiji or Craigslist or other places where you can look to find these trades or consultants.


Having a complete plan mapping out where your solutions are, will greatly help you achieve your staging goal. You may even find out that it's more feasible to simple hire a stager to take care of this for you and who will take care of everything. Keep in mind that every hour you are "staging" you are that hour out of your work pay. Is it worth it, only you can decide. Just decide it on a well laid out plan to make the best decision.

Staging home to sell takes a lot of energy and resources. If you are not up to it, get help: ask your real estate agent to put this together for you and get it done properly.