we are not only staging you house but also pays to prepare house for sale and we are low commission realor


some basic points about Preparing house for sale with low commission realtor agent.


Worried about getting the most for your home when selling! Every home owner has the same concern, and rightfully so. Fortunately, some great solutions exist when staging home to sell.

Three choices exist when preparing house for sale:

1. Have a licensed real estate agent pay for staging house for sale!

Not only will the realtor take care of all the work and hassle for you, but they will pay it out of their own pocket. This is unheard of, but true. Look at what this realtor does for your home to prepare it for sale.

2. Hire a stager to stage your home professionally.

The upside is that your home should look great. The down side is that some stagers over charge greatly for their services.

3. The do-it-your-self project.

If you have a good eye, decent furniture, and a lot of energy you can try to stage your home yourself. If you go the do-it-your-self route, you must know what you are doing. I know people who tried the "do-it-your-self" project and some of them ended up with less fingers due to accidents - not worth it. The good thing about staging is that it requires minimal power tool usage. Upside is you may save money.

However, if home staging is not done right, it may be worthless in the eye of the buyer and a waste of your time, plus you are still missing out on the fact that your staging is not increasing the value of your home.

The issue with hiring an unknown stager is that you really don't know what you are getting for what you are paying for until it's too late. On the other hand, if there is a well known stager in the area, chances are that they are priced very high.

You need to find out if you really need an extreme make over or not. Know what needs to be done so you don't waste your time or money.

Many home owners today are cash poor and cannot afford sting a home to sell. If this is the case then it is sad that these home owners can't capitalize on their hidden gem. This is where having a real estate agent that pays your staging is a big plus. This now allows you to have your home look it's best and get the most money from the market. Another key ingredient to this is that Roland is a low commission real estate agent.

An experienced realtor who specializes in this is Roland Hack.

Roland pays for your:

1. Staging

2. Painting

3. House cleaning

4. Pre home inspection

All from his own pocket and up front!

So, you don't need to worry about having funds available. More important, Roland takes his time to orchestrate and bring in expert trades to complete all the work under Roland's supervision. The end result is a beautiful home looking it's best, resulting in a much higher selling price and happy client.

Not only does Roland to pay and co-ordinate to prepare your house for sale, but Roland also offers a low commission when selling.


Roland Hack has 25 years experience in real estate and staging homes is a large part of what Roland helps his sellers accomplish. Roland is a very affordable low commission real estate agent who provides full service at a fraction of the cost. Roland's provides the highest levels of competent advice and comprehensive service and skill. View testimonials of recent clients of Roland at www.savewhenselling.ca. Contact Roland at Office/Pager: 905-848-1313.