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I'm selling my house but I've got TOO MUCH STUFF?


One of the best solutions that I've found is using plastic bins with lids.  If you want to save on storage costs, pack your belongings into these bins (which I'll describe later).  The great thing is that you do not need to pay for storage in a facility. These are great for storing right in your own home - saving you more money.

·         These bins stack one on top of the other;

·         Bins protect items

·         Most importantly, make your home look organized. 

·         Neatly stored in the basement, your closets, or garage. 

·         Bins are a very cheap solution to help you get more money for your home when preparing your home for sale.

Even though you are packing items away in storage, it's still part of staging your home to sell. The end result will allow you to stage your home easily once de-cluttered.

I keep all my bins standardized so that I can reuse the lids and properly stack them, also saving floor space.  I'm not an advocate of Rubbermaid, but I usually buy Rubbermaid brand bins because they are a decent quality. Unfortunately, you will need to check how tightly the tops fit while you are in the store, because many times they do not fit properly (thanks Rubbermaid!) and you have to find the ones that fit.  I usually I end up at Canadian Tire for my bin search but there are lots of other stores to find them.

When you pack the bins remember to place a label on the box.  I use white duct tape from Walmart and a permanent marker to clearly label that bin, usually on at least two sides for easy identification.

You can get free boxes from the liquor store, but it is a better investment to buy plastic bins as they protect against water and do not hold moisture.  If you end up using cardboard boxes, do NOT get any from the grocery store.  You can easily bring home cockroaches hiding in the corrugate from the grocery store - it isn't worth it!


Once you figure out what type of containers to use, you can now start packing. 

·         Use this opportunity to pack only the items you really want to keep.  

·         This is your chance to recycle and throw out all those items you don't need.


Many times, sellers are so overwhelmed because they have so much stuff, that they need help packing. 

·         I would highly recommend hiring a person to help you organize the mess. 

·         This packing process can take several days. 

·         Once it's done, you'll feel relieved and assured that your house is one step closer to be on the market.

An important part of my job is to recommend reliable people to help you with these tasks.  Many times, my clients have relied on me bringing in people to help get the home in order.


Keep in mind that you'll also need help moving the bins once full.

·         I would recommend a medium sized container. 

·         With the medium sized container, it will be easier for you to carry it once it is full.

·          The smallest ones are a bit tight so the medium gives you a better chance to get more items into it.

With all of your items in containers, it will be easy for you to decide to ship it off to a storage facility later. You may find that you have too many storage containers, and for the sake of staging your home to sell, they may have to go into storage.


If you decide to keep the containers inside your unfinished basement, then I would suggest that  you:

1.            Organize the containers neatly in a square shape, keeping about 1.5 feet from the basement walls.  The reason to keep a 1.5 foot space from the wall is so that the home inspector can confidently report to the buyer that nothing is being hidden on the outer wall.

2.            Cover these boxes with a  large fabric sheet or plastic.  The sheets will make the boxes look cared for and keep it tidier looking. It will also allow you to easily wash the dusty sheets and refresh them to keep your home looking clean. If anyone had to dust off the tops of the boxes, it would not be done. Even an unfinished basement should look clean to a buyer. 

3.            The fact that the boxes are neatly organized and stacked will show all the buyers  that your household is organized and maintained. 


Staging your home to sell can be a Herculean task.

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