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Low Commission Real Estate Agent

Staging house for sale

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Prepare Your Home For Sell

Everywhere it seems, costs are being cut in the hopes that money - in this case commission can be saved. Roland's services do just that.

"Positioning myself as a low commission realtor is a service that I am proud to offer my many clients and followers. I have cut out all the unnecessary nonsense - these are the things that agents tell sellers they will do just to get the listing - then these things never sell the home anyway.".

Roland focus his strategy on real techniques that cause your home to get sold. Hiring a low commission real estate agent does not mean you are getting less service - as long as it's with an agent who is a highly experienced in working with the selling of homes opposed to simply working with buyers. These are two totally different skill sets. Make sure that when you sell you work only with an expert selling agent such as Roland.

Roland also applies his knowledge of staging homes to sell. To help you prepare your house for sale, Roland will give you expert advice on staging and other important fixes that your home may need. So much can be gained in the value of your home by simply staging a home to sell.

Low commission when selling with Roland is the only intelligent solution. If you want to save commissions, yet still have an expert selling agent with significant selling experience in all ranges of properties including million dollar homes, then Roland is your smartest choice.

You know that Roland is an expert when he is able to pay your mortgage, pay for your home improvements, pay for your lawyer's fee, and charge you a more than fair commission for his expertise. Call Roland now for more details.

low commission realtor, staging house for sale low commission when selling


Frequently asked questions:

Q.   Will you let me sell my home privately?

A.   Yes. I whole heartedly encourage you to try to sell your home privately! I will even supply you with my own personal how to sell home privately tips. I also have my own for sale by owner ads that I will share with you.


Q.   May I ask you for tips when selling my home privately?

A.   Yes. Because I believe in this home owner selling option, I am happy to assist you. And, with so much experience with homes privately for sale, I can offer indepth home selling tips and helpful suggestions.


Q.   How can you charge such a low real estate commission?

A.   Many realtors® take out many newspaper ads and other forms of very expensive advertising resulting in very high overhead and thus charging this back to the seller. I don't have to buy this kind of advertising because people refer me by way of mouth. This way - you the home seller - pays less and pays only for my expertise, not someone else's advertising!  Also, I work with more home selling volume and thus I can keep my real estate commission rates low AND still have a reasonable income to feed my family.


Q.   Is there any catch?

A.   No.  I am straight forward with my low commission services. Upfront, You will know the exact realtor services that you are getting from start to finish.


Q.   What do I have to pay the buyer agent?

A.   It is entirely up to you. You can offer anything from $1 up to, or over 2.5% realtor commission to the buyer's agent.

Q.   Any upfront fees to your one percent realty commission?

A.   No. I have no upfront fees to sell your property when you use my 1% commission. I also have a special flat fee real estate broker package where I only charge $99 to list on MLS® which is paid upfront. See below for more details.


Q.   Do you also offer to list on MLS® for a flat MLS® fee?

A.   Yes. Some home seller's prefer to list on MLS® and pay a flat Realtor® fee. I have one of the lowest priced real estate flat fee programs in place. The flat rate real estate fee is only $99 to list your home on MLS® AND on For full details on this incredibly affordable flat fee listing simply call me.


Q.   Are you an experienced realtor®?

A.   Yes. I am very involved in working with sellers and I actively invest in real estate where my own money is on-the-line. This benefits you because I am beyond a simple sales person - I am an expert at understanding what you the owner/seller/investor goes through.


Q.   Are you a well know company?

A.   Yes.   Sutton Group is a very well respected real estate company. With over 8,700 Realtors® and 200 offices across Canada. Sutton Group consistently exceeds $20 billion in real estate transactions annually.


Q.   What is full service?

A.   I cut out the smoke and mirrors that many claim to be "full service". Thus, I provide to my clients key-core  aspects of real selling techniques that actually work. Those who provide flashy non-sense gimmicks and package them as "full service" only waste the time of the seller and trick them into thinking they are getting more benefits, when in fact the seller is not.


Q.   What if I don't want to sell my home privately?

A.   You don't have to put your property for sale privately. I will still give you the very low commission rate and list your home on the MLS® and


Q.   If you are a real estate broker, why allow me to sell it privately?

A.   I take an interest in seeing home sellers benefit when they walk away with more money in their pocket. If you can sell your home privately all the better to you!


Q.   Why do you believe in selling privately and listing on MLS®?

A.   I have successfully bought and sold my own properties and I have always maximized my real estate exposure with two methods: Sell Privately AND be on MLS®. In this way, you, the home seller will have double the real estate exposure to sell your home.  


Q.   Why don't I just put my property for sale privately & use any agent for MLS®?

A.   Because a private home seller gets so much more when a real estate Broker like myself actually supports them. Most agents won't tolerate having a private house for sale by owner. I will. We work together so you won't feel alone during the process of selling your home privately and being on the multiple listing service (MLS®).


Q.   Do you also sell investment properties the same way?

A.   Yes. I work with and help real estate investors sell real estate properties. I am experienced in owning and selling: rent to own investments, multiplex, flipped properties and joint venture real estate projects.


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